In the spirit of Thanksgiving week, THANK YOU for being part of my community and reading my notes.

Writing to you is one of my greatest joys and hopefully, my work provides you with education, inspiration, and soul food in creating a joyful life.

Your normal gathering over a turkey dinner with loved ones might look different this year, mine sure does, which can kick up emotions like sadness, anger, and loneliness. This year is a roller coaster into the darkness and it’s set the stage for potent personal growth into the light.

To every shadow there is light.

3 Ways Focus on the Light this Week

  1. Write down what you appreciate every morning or night 

Carve out 5 minutes to write down all things big and small that you appreciate and why.

  1. Presence the Native American people that lived on the land your house is now on

You can look up the tribe that lived on your land check HERE. I learned the Catawba tribe is still around today and have rebuilt their population since it’s once 15,000 people were reduced to 100 from smallpox that Westerns brought with them to Turtle Island (the US).

These indigenous people had a Matriarchal society honoring women, elders, and carried the wisdom of plants as medicine. We’re in a rebalancing of masculine and feminine energy and practices that honor the sacred feminine – rest, cyclical living, intuition, caring for others, animals, and the earth – are part of the healing process.

  1. Reflect on the Turkey spirit card that I’m sharing with you today. The Turkey Spirit card’s mantra is “give with gratitude and grace” and the turkey represents generosity and celebration of abundance through giving to others.It’s a breath of fresh air to move past the feelings of lack and not enough to rest in the abundance that is happening right now. If you’re feeling triggered or resistant to this message, use it as an exercise in expanding your mindset.

    There is a reciprocal relationship between giving and receiving.

You can give money to a charity, the gift of listening without advice, loving guidance (when it’s solicited), or kindness in any form.

The protection message from the Turkey Spirit is to give without expecting to receive in return. Give with an open heart, no strings attached.

The magical thing is that when you give with an open heart, from a full cup, is that abundance follows.

So when you receive a compliment, gifts, help, or kindness accept it with open arms. We often deflect compliments, feel obligated to give a gift in return, or avoid asking for help. Consider how great you feel when you help a friend, let them help you. By saying you don’t need help, you’re telling the universe to stop sending it your way.

Give and receive from a place of love, service, and compassion.

Pick one of these ways to focus on the light this week then shoot me an email and let me know your experience. 

Many blessings to you this week and always.


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