In yoga this week the teacher played Apple Button Jeans by Flo Rider and T-Pain -ha!

It brought me back to my college days where my friends and I would dance it out and sign our hearts out to this silly song.

Well, there I was in yoga class, and I couldn’t help myself and danced in my downdog with a huge smile on my face.

A couple of years back I would have held this urge to dance because I’d be too worried that about what other people would think of me. Wisdom comes as we get older and I made a commitment to have more fun and soak in this life so I danced.

We’re programmed as adults to hold back our emotions and to fit into the socially acceptable box. Rebel a bit – it’s fun. Yes, you might get a few glances but you also might inspire someone to laugh and give them permission to do the same.

When was the last time you had fun?

Running a blank…

You’re not alone. I asked this question to a client during her Burnt Out to Glowing session and her answer: “Never. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have fun.”

It’s easy to get caught up in work, our busy lives, and long to-do lists but a big part of reducing stress, overwhelm, and unhappiness so that you can feel calmer, clearer, and more satisfied with your life is laughter, play, and fun.

This is beyond the “fun” of scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. Beyond binge watching Netflix, drinking wine, and eating fro-yo.

Below are tips on getting started and 38 ways to have more fun!

Tips on getting started:

  • Notice when you’re holding back your silliness and go for it anyway
  • Your playfulness might be dormant but it’s still there, search for it and strengthen it
  • Take play breaks and celebrate – some little ways I reward myself for completing a project are to take a walk, reading a chapter in my book, or calling a friend for a quick chat
  • Use kids as teachers. Listen to them talking to each other – hilarious, take in their wonder, and excitement for the little things

Need ideas? I updated this list from the one I shared in 2016 to match how many years I’ve been on earth (fun right! See what I did there?).

38 Simple Ways to Have More Fun 


  1. Paint your toes a different color than your usual
  2. Pull oracle or tarot cards
  3. Buy flowers and make an arrangement – no need for it to be perfect
  4. When you peeing imagine your letting go of anything that’s getting in the way of your happiness
  5. Skip randomly at Target
  6. Sing along to the song playing at the grocery store while you shop
  7. Go shopping and try on clothes that express how you want to feel
  8. Have a dance party in the car
  9. Throw rocks in the river
  10. Play with the dog. Jay used to put baking power on Maya’s head to make her look like a skunk and it’d make us laugh (how I miss this pup – skunk Maya in pic)
  11. Spontaneous dance parties – especially when your energy is feeling lucky
  12. Name your car
  13. In yoga class, ride your edge in a pose, and laugh when you fall
  14. Lovingly name your lady parts (or your romantic partners)
  15. Give your crazy self a name and call her our when she’s acting cray-cray
  16. Sprinkle rose petals of in a bath
  17. Take a bath and light candles
  18. Go wine, tea, or coffee tasting
  19. Try a paint and sip class or invite friends over and DIY (you can also do this for the wine/tea/coffee tasting)
  20. Strengthen your skills – I joined Write Like a MOFO ( a writing/copy support group) to boost up my writing while meeting friends
  21. Gaze at the stars and look for constellations
  22. Have a craft night. Need ideas? Go to Barnes and Noble’s magazine section. There are magazines with all kinds of hobbies, crafts, travel destinations, and recipes.
  23. Cook with your hands. Try this Kale Salad Recipe where you get your hands dirty
  24. Making up a name when you order at Starbucks
  25. Host a potluck or game night
  26. Put on bright colored lipstick or nail polish
  27. Plant something and watch it grow
  28. Have a homemade tortilla pizza night
  29. Find a local candle shop where you can make your own candle
  30. Get dressed up or wear a wig to dinner
  31. Make chores more fun by playing music or make them a game. I try to see how fast I can unload the dishwasher or run in and out of the grocery store
  32. Fold laundry while you watch a funny movie
  33. Search Youtube for trending, hilarious videos
  34. Daydream
  35. Take a walk and watch the squirrels play
  36. Have a snowball or pillow fight
  37. Grab a friend and see who can hold tree pose the longest
  38. Come to a moon circle and bring your friends – Email me and I’ll send you more details

Stop taking yourself so seriously and soak in the moments of joy and light-heartedness that are at your fingertips.

Let’s keep the list going! Shoot me an email and let me know how you have fun.