People ask me about what courses I’ve taken to help build my business and I’ve taken plenty but hands down the one that up-leveled my business (and life) is Make It Work Online with Jenny Shih.

I stumbled across Jenny while reading through another course’s materials. Initially, I was drawn to the fact that she runs a 7-figure business working 30 hours a week! I was building my family, running a corporate wellness program, and had my side hustle of nutrition coaching. My side hustle was slowly growing but I needed guidance on how I could streamline it all so that I could do work I love, help women in need of my gifts, and still have the energy for enjoying my life and family.

Fast forward and my dream came true. I took Make It Work Online in 2015 which helped me pivot my business to helping ambitious women who are overwhelmed and exhausted from the stress of their busy life find a better way of living that works for them. It was a scary but necessary shift and the program gave me the support and courage I needed to go for it! 

The combo of aligning my business to exactly what I was born to do, the step-by-step lessons, and the coaching during the program helped me to attract my ideal clients and allowed me to make money doing work I love while creating my own schedule that includes daily yoga, family time, and lots of nature.

I’m honored to call Jenny my mentor, coach, and friend. She practices what she preaches with passion, dedication, and a no BS attitude that calls you to rise to your highest potential. I joined her team from 2018-2019 as a coach and can say first-hand that she and the coaches pour their hearts and souls into helping their clients achieve success. 

There are many things that are top-notch about the program and pieces is the mindset work.

Growing your business stretches you in and exposes fears that can keep you from taking action. There is no hiding in the program since it’s all about taking action – one step at a time. Fear can be sneaky, surprising, and challenging but the magic happens when you look fear in the face knowing you have an army of support holding you up and cheering you on as you burst through fear and build the wildly successful business of your dreams. 


What is Make It Work Online?


Make It Work Online is a 12-week coaching intensive designed for one-on-one, service-based business owners who want to earn a full-time income doing work they love, on a schedule that gives them the freedom they crave.


The program is a one-of-a-kind mix of online training, personal business coaching, personal copy coaching, and Structured Peer Support, infused with online community and tons of action-taking.


What makes it different?


You might have invested in other courses or programs in the past, only to wind up feeling overwhelmed, confused, or stuck about how to apply the lessons to YOUR business.


If this has happened in the past, you probably did one of two things …


Pushed your overwhelm, confusion, and maybe even a little embarrassment to one side and asked for help.


Or …


Stopped showing up for office hours, tried to do it all on your own, or gave up completely because you convinced yourself “the timing wasn’t right.”


Either way, you probably wound up feeling like you’d wasted both time and money.


Here’s what makes the Make It Work Online client experience so different and so unique. When you enroll in Make It Work Online, you’ll be assigned not one but two personal coaches:


Your own personal copy coach:


When it comes to online business, it’s your words that will make you money. You can provide the best service in the world but if you don’t know how to describe it in a way that makes your prospects want it you won’t make sales, simple as that. When you enroll in Make It Work Online, you’ll be assigned a copy coach who will personally guide you to become the best copywriter you can possibly be. The net result? You’ll never need to hire a copywriter again.


 Your own personal business coach:  


Words are what help you make money, but those words have to rest on a solid business foundation. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to business strategy, which is why your business coach will work with you to formulate a strategy tailored to you and your unique circumstances. With their detailed personalized guidance and support, you’ll waste no time in setting your rates, designing your packages, and most importantly, signing paying clients. 


Your business coach will make sure you know what needs to get done, get your questions answered, are working with a success mindset, and are on track to creating the thriving business you want. With this ally by your side, you’ll have all the guidance and encouragement you need to navigate any challenge, keep taking action, and create the success you dream of.


Throughout your Make It Work Online experience, your coaches will work together to help you keep pace with the program, aligned with your vision of success, and accountable to your ultimate goal of creating a thriving online business.


Every Make It Work Online Coach has been selected and trained by Jenny personally.


And with two coaches looking out for you, there’ll never be an opportunity to get lost, or hide in the back!


How does it work? 


Each week you’ll get access to a new step-by-step video module, plus any supplementary resources, and a homework assignment to submit to your coaches at the end of the week.


Just like a college course, your coaches will review your homework individually and then together, before providing you with detailed and personalized feedback to help you craft compelling copy and captivating offers that ultimately feel aligned with your vision and desires.


Unlike a college course, you’ll then have the opportunity to video conference with your coaches every week, to talk through any challenges you’re facing, and agree your way forward.

Make it Work Online is all about ACTION TAKING.

It’s NOT another download-it-now, do-later course by far. It’s a program you join and do now, with coaching and support every step of the way.

The ultimate goal?

To provide you with all the knowledge and coaching support you need, so you can earn a full-time income by doing work you love, on a schedule that gives you the freedom you crave.

Is MIWO for you? 

It’s for you if you’re a solopreneur who provides a one-on-one service that you want to market online. (This includes any kind of coach, consultant, copywriter, virtual assistant, nutritionist, healer, teacher, SEO expert, designer, web developer, or the like.)

MIWO is a good fit for you if:

  • You’re fed up with being busy but having nothing to show for all your effort.
  • You’re ready to stop spinning, start taking strategic action, and get real results.
  • You’re using your expertise, even if you haven’t made a ton of money.
  • You’re ready to go all in and finally make your business work!

You’re probably not ready for Make It Work Online if:


  • You sell physical goods, are part of a marketing and direct sales business, or want to learn how to create, market, and sell digital products.
  • You’re looking for someone to hold your hand as you take action.
  • You’re stuck in overthinking and perfectionism. This is a program for high-achieving business owners who aren’t afraid to take action.

What results do clients get in this program?

Those who enroll in Make It Work Online learn how to get a steady stream of new clients coming in the door and create consistent income in their online businesses. Clients go on to fill their client rosters, start waiting lists, quit their “real jobs,” and create consistent income in their businesses doing work they love. It’s so fun to watch!

My honest review of MIWO:

MIWO was a game-changer for me. I’m driven, smart, and a hustler but felt like I was wasting time and energy that I could be spending on clients or with my family trying to figure out the best ways to grow my business.

I was overwhelmed and was ready to invest in a program that had the support I needed to take my business to the next level. I wanted the accountability of homework assignments, copy coaching, community, and feedback as I took action so I could learn as I grow.

I was pretty sure I wanted to pivot my business but was scared. Thankfully MIWO shined a light on the fear and helped me get crystal clear on who I wanted to work with and how. I had to at least try.

Make It Work Online boosted my confidence in my copywriting skills which helped me connect to my ideal clients. I no longer worried about if I was taking the right steps to grow my business because the lessons outlined the exact steps I needed to take to get clients and make money.

I got organized! I streamlined my corporate wellness program and coaching practice 

and got real about how much time I had to spend on each. I stopped wasting time and energy marketing with no return or taking any client that came my way.

I was able to take time off when my son was born and had a system in play that kept my business afloat while I was gone and how to ramp it up when I returned without stress. I was in charge of my schedule and felt free from the pressure I had put on myself before MIWO. My work lights me up and I’m so thankful that I also have plenty of time to enjoy my family and life. 

MIWO online was HANDS DOWN the best investment I ever made in my business!

Join Make It Work Online and get this awesome BONUS!

I’m not only a MIWO alumni and former coach in the program, but I’m also a program affiliate. That means I receive a commission for every person who enrolls at my referral. I’m a HUGE fan of Jenny and MIWO and would bullhorn how it changed my business and life regardless. My affiliation doesn’t increase the cost of the program AND allows me to offer you a thank you BONUS if you sign up with my affiliate link.


60-Minute 1:1 Strategy Session

A 60-minute, 1:1 call with me so that you can pick my brain, ask me questions, and share where you are feeling stuck so that I can help you continue to move forward in your business. You can use the call anytime during the program or up to 3 months after the program ends.

How to use the Moon as a Productivity and Self-Care Tool Workshop

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use the 4 phases of the moon to maximize your energy, time, creativity, and productivity while making space for rest, fun, flow, and ease. It’s my secret weapon to staying grounded, balanced, motivated and avoiding burnt out.

This workshop is especially beneficial if you tend to be in your head a lot of the time and if you’re not into the woo. It will help you decrease the anxiety and overwhelm that comes along with growing your business while teaching you how to set your schedule up week by week during the month for ultimate success. You’ll learn the best time to plan, write, launch, create new offers, for admin work, and take action, and to rest.

Questions about Make It Work Online 

Here are a few of the most frequent questions I get about Make it Work Online. If you don’t see yours or still wondering if MIWO is a good fit for you, email me at and ask away. It’s important that you make the best decision for you and your business.  

When does enrollment open?

Enrollment is open now! Applications close January 30, 2020, 6 pm Pacific.

Why do I have to apply to MIWO? 

Jenny and her team personally review each application to make sure you’re a perfect fit and will get results from the program.

What’s the investment?

$4700 if you pay in full. There are generous payment plans available too.

Joining MIWO was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business (and life). I still use the strategy I learned in MIWO to continue to grow my business and the connections I’ve made through the program are priceless.

Are you ready to grow your business in 2020? 

How it works:

Step 1: Apply for Make It Work Online 2020 with this link.

Step 2: You’ll hear back from the Make It Work Online coaching team about your application and next steps.

Step 3: I’ll get a notification that you signed up through me, I’ll send you a confirmation email with how to coordinate your bonus bundle, and we’ll do a celebration dance honoring this next chapter of your business.

Jenny Shih:

 “I hired Jackie to coach clients in my Make It Work Online program, and I’m so glad I did! She pairs her big heart with spot-on business guidance to help clients bust through mindset blocks, take the right action steps, and stretch themselves to create the success they want most. Jackie ensures her clients feel both heard and cared for, even when she’s challenging them, and it shows in the results clients get and in how motivated they are to keep going after their dreams no matter what.”