What’s the old adage, the days are long but the years are short?

Being at home most of the year can make the days blur together. Thankfully, the transition of seasons, birthdays, or each moon cycle are invitations to set new intentions, routines and habits.

Fall is in the air with kids going back to school and the leaves are giving the first hints of change.

Too often we get lost in the busyness of life, mindlessly checking things off our to-do lists without a pause to discern if it’s really something that aligns with our priorities.

August is a check month for me.

It’s the month, I did yoga teacher training Tulum Mexico with Bryan Kest that was three weeks.  

There were many things I took away from that training that positively impacted my life so every August I revisit the guidelines set during our training and spend time focusing on one.

One of the guidelines was no social media or gossip magazines.

Without the distraction of the outside world, it gave us a chance to be present with ourselves. At the time, I was struggling with body image, hormone imbalances, and anxiety. 

Once I realized the toxic effect gossip magazines were having on my perception of life, my body, and the world it was an easy thing for me to give up for good.  

Sometimes we don’t know how much something affects us until we experiment with taking it out and being mindful of how our body and mind responds.

This year my intention was to detox from social media. 

I wanted to more conscious of the time I was spending scrolling when I was bored, tired, or wanting to numb out.

Can you relate?

Going down rabbit holes of comparison and taking in words and images that are at the mercy of Facebook or Instagram algorithms.

A few minutes here and there adds up and we often discount the mental and emotional drain that comes along with the addiction.  

Outside of watching videos for a course I’m taking, I committed to no Facebook or Instagram scrolling for 3 weeks.

With extra time I read a book, meditated, stretched before bed, was more present with Vince and Jay, and felt calmer.

Now that it’s over I’m back but set boundaries with how I’m engaging on these platforms. No more mindless scrolling, checking it at every pause in the day, or first thing when I get up. I get on once a day, aim to connect with my friends, family and clients by posting on their profiles and delete anyone I’m following so that when I do log my feed is filled with inspiration.

Being in choice is freedom.

Now to you.

What is your relationship with social media?

How does it make you feel?

Have you ever done a social media detox?