Tis the season!

Your holidays might look different this year and from my lens this is an opportunity to tap into how you want to FEEL during the holiday season so that you can choose activities that support that feeling state.

We all have masculine and feminine energy flowing within us regardless of gender and we’re going to weave the strengths of both into our holiday planning. The structure of the logistical to-do list provides the structure for the magic of the season to unfold. 

Let’s dive in with holiday planning. 

The goal of planning is that instead of feeling overwhelmed with extra holiday activities that you evalute which to let go because they feel like ‘shoulds’ and create time for the ones that make you feel calm and merry.

Start with how you want to feel 

Do you usually feel that way during the holiday season? If not, why?

A common theme I see pop up for women is they take on too much and speed up during winter when the energy of the season slow, inward, and reflective. This leaves us feeling grumpy, depleted, and frazzled.

It’s time to release the holiday hustle and circle back to the sacred time of connection, joy, and celebration.

How do you want to feel? 

Me? I want to feel peaceful, open, and loving.

Write down, in BIG CAPITAL LETTERS how you want to feel so that you can refer back to it as you carve out your holiday plan.

Holding the intention (feeling) in your mind’s eye let’s dig into planning. 


Who do you want to buy for and who do you think you have to buy for? Make a list. 

If it’s someone you think you ‘have’ to buy for, do you really have to? 

Consider having a conversation with your partner about them buying gifts for their family? 

Set up a gift exchange with siblings or friends so you can buy fewer gifts? 

Or maybe it’s someone you can skip this year. The energy behind your gift buying is as important as the gift. If you’re buying a gift to check the box then it’s wrapped in something I wouldn’t want. 

I’m excited to be making some of the gifts this year. They might not looking as fabulous as the wreath in the picture but they’re gonna be special. 


This year, I invested in holiday bedding and LOVE it. It is simple and brings me joy. Are there any traditions that you’d like to start? Ones you love or want to drop?

A few years ago, I hit a wave of depression around the holidays and craved time alone to heal and rest. I didn’t honor that inner voice, pushed myself, and learned a valuable lesson – listen to your inner knowing. I’m an introvert, need downtime, and wasn’t showing up at family gatherings as my best self since I was drained. 

I vowed to do it differently and adjusted our holiday traveling, activities, and expectations keeping how I wanted to feel in mind. 

Instead of traveling or having guests on Christmas eve and day we stay home, by the fire, watch Christmas movies, and chill. We space out seeing our families so it’s not back to back which gives us time to reboot so that we can be present and jolly when we celebrate with them.

It was scary for me to share this plan with our families because I didn’t want to come off as high maintenance or the grinch but setting healthy boundaries is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

COVID plan 

Have a conversation with your family about what makes you feel comfortable and safe during this time. Be compassionate that we all have different degrees of comfort and don’t take someone else’s needs personally.

If we’re getting together with family we keep it small and ask that every one social distance for 7-10 days before we visit. I understand that asking people to refrain from going out to eat and social gathering if that’s something they feel comfortable doing is uncomfortable. I’m totally cool if it’s not in their limits and know we can connect via Zoom. 


What holiday activities feel fun? 

Here are some ideas: going to see lights, ice skating, holidate, baking cookies, watching holiday movies, or a Zoom call with friends or family. 

We’ve been watching holiday decorating shows and admittdly I got carried away (that happens during the spring phase of my cycle). We downgraded the decorations to a doable, holiday cheer amount.

If it feels like a drain, skip it.

Be of service

Are you donating toys or money to a charity? Aiming to be the smiling, calm presence, that greets everyone with kindness. Try ordering gifts local or from small business that could use a boost instead of Amazon. If each of us picks one thing in service to the greater good it’ll boost our universal connection.

Schedule it on the calendar

When will you shop for gifts, buy a tree, put it up, wrap presents, or create/mail holiday cards (if you’re doing them)?

If this year has taught us anything it’s that life is precious. Be curious about the reasons why you buy gifts, say yes to activities, and follow-through with traditions. 

Make a list of all the things, cross off the ones that don’t align with how you want to feel, and schedule the rest in.

Email me to let me know!