This Sunday is a new moon.

Another nod to set intentions for the month ahead.

I’m having so much fun hosting moon circles and working with women in this way. I hosted a virtual circle last new moon and will be hosting an in-person circle at OM yoga tomorrow.

One of my students was interested in coming and confessed it was out of her comfort zone.

Her honestly is what sparked me writing to you today and something else I love about the moon circles. The moon circles are a no judgement zone where you get to bring your raw, real self – ahem a chance for you let your hair down and be you! 

Gathering on the new/dark moon rides the quiet, reflective, intuitive energy of the moon (the same energy as your bleed time). 

It’s a time to slow down, and ask yourself what do I need and what do I want?

Most likely your initial instinct will be to resist since who has the time to slow down. If this is you, you need it the most.

Your next instinct will be to ‘think’ about it the answers to the questions, then to carve out a plan using your mind.

This is well and good but I invite you to experiment with a different way. A way that gets to the core of what you really need and want without letting the should-dos creep in.

To help you do this I taped this video for you!

Inside the video you’ll be guided through an exercise that will help you get out of your head and into your body so that you’re moonthly intention can rise from your heart or your belly. During the moon circles I lead we do different variations of this exercise and the women are loving it.

Over the weekend carve out 10-20 minutes to watch the video and do the writing prompt. 

After you watch the video, shoot me an email to let me know your moonthly intention. Strength comes from sharing 😉