17-Minute Wake Up Yoga Sequence (Video)


Have you ever wondered what NAMASTE means?

It’s an ancient Sanskrit word that means, I bow to the spirit that is within you. It’s not a religious term but rather one seated in knowing we are all sentient beings that want be to be heard, loved and happy.

It breaks my heart to see all the violence and cruelty going on in the world. Hatred is dark, fearful and heavy. Love is bright, confident and light.

You can choose to act out of kindness and love toward others and yourself. And when you do your inner and outer world will change.

My 2016 resolution was to lead with love. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve seen relationships with people that push my buttons shift for the better. Plus, less angst  and more flow during life’s ups and downs.

When I ask clients to describe a typical “day in the life” they often say it starts with the sound of an alarm then a Chinese fire drill. This crazed energy lacks mindfulness, presence and love while setting the stage for a day of comfort foods and coffee.

Does this sound like your typical morning? If so, how’s it working for you?

When you’re stressed and rushed your willpower plummets. You’re more inclined to eat crappy foods on the fly and to snap at people.

It’s time for a change and it starts with your morning routine.

Take Action: Set an intention to lead with love. Love for yourself, your body and for others.

For the next week, wake up 20 minutes earlier at least three times and move your body, make a healthy breakfast (even pack lunch) or just breathe.

Try this simple, yet effective 17-minute yoga sequence to help get your started.



Notice how this affects your food choices and how you react to others during the day.

Then share your experience in the comments section below.