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Hello Beautiful,

As you know life is busy and it can be tricky eating healthy on the fly. Today I’m going to share with you some goodies I brought with me on vacation that work for the person on-the-go as well.

While away I unplugged, did lots of yoga, took long walks on the beach and spent some QT with Jason.

Did you know it’s easier to create new habits while on vacation?

“Habits are easier to change while on vacation because all your old cues and all your old rewards aren’t there anymore. So you have this ability to form a new pattern and hopefully be able to carry it over into your life,” states Charles Duhigg, the author or “The Power of Habit.”

I read this book a couple years ago while at the beach and resonated with the above. Ever since I’ve tried to re-enforce positive habits verses negative ones while vacationing.

Here is the…

10 Must Haves for Staying Healthy While Traveling (or On-the-Go)

1. Amazing Grass Single Serving Green Packets
These packets are filled with green goodness and can help increase you energy, improve digestion and boost your intake.

2. Amazing Grass Single Serving Protein Powder
The protein powders are great mixed with almond milk for a quick breakfast or snack while on the go. Since we drove to the beach I brought the Vitamix and used these packets to make our morning smoothies.

3. Vigilant Eats – Superfood Oatmeal. Easy, gluten free, and yummy. Just add water to the oatmeal (hot or cold) and enjoy a vitamin packed breakfast. Filled with protein, fiber, and superfoods like gogi berries, cocao nibs, and maca powder this oatmeal is a breakfast of champions. Store these at the office for a fast, energy packed lunch.

4. Cocomama Quinoa Cereal. Quinoa is a gluten free grain known for it’s high protein content. Simply open the pouch and voila breakfast, lunch or snack. Try the orange cranberry or Wild Blueberry flavors.

5. Carrots and Celery. Basic veggies work well when riding in the car when the munchies hit, especially when you are looking to snack on something just because you are bored. Pair them with a glass of water, hummus or a cheese stick for a balanced snack.

6. Brazil Nuts. These nuts contain healthy fats, anti-oxidants, B vitamins and Vitamin E (for healthy skin).
Use individaul snack baggies and portion out 1/8-1/4 cup nuts/seeds to keep in your car, purse or desk for a healthy snack.

7. Fruit. I’ve found apples to be the best for travel since they don’t mush in my bag. Pair the apple with a baggie of nuts/seeds for an afternoon pick me up.

Not pictured but must haves while on vacation or on the go.

8. Stream online classes by my beloved teacher, Bryan Kest in for comfort of your own home. Expect to be challenged but the moves are accessible to all. You will finish feeling revitalized and rejuvenated.

9. Stream online classes ranging from beginner to advanced and from 10 minutes to 2 hours. My favorite teachers are Kathyrn Budig and Seane Corn. Try it free for 15 days.

10. Manduka Mat. I have the travel size which fold easily into my suit case and the big mat one for practicing at home.

11. Ann Marie Gianni Sun Love Sunscreen. This is a given but sometimes easy to forget – skin care love. Ann Marie’s sunscreen is free from dyes and chemicals and this sunscreen contains antioxidant herbs and oils to help neutralize the effects of damaging UV rays.

Now you have a arsenal of goodies to pack when you travel or keep with you for busy days.

Do you have a favorite travel snack or item? Tell us what it is and why you like it in the comments section below.

Love and Light,