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Hello Beautiful Friend,

Have you ever wondered how many steps you take each day?

This past week I visited Pittsburgh, Youngstown, and Columbus promoting the 2nd annual Pedometer Challenge at MS Consultants. The contestants are stoked, armed with a pedometer and ready to increase their daily step total for the next 8-weeks.

To be honest, I never really thought about how many steps I took until last year’s challenge when I got a pedometer. I was curious and a bit nervous to see how many steps I took each day.

I figured I moved around a good amount each day and workout daily, so I must be set.

Nope, it turned out I moved around less than I thought. By noon on day 1, I was only up to 3,500 steps and was aiming for 10,000! Yikes, I was way off. I had to get my tush moving since I was running the challenge.

It’s amazing how tracking your steps brings awareness to how much you move. The added awareness consequently gives you motivation to find ways to move more.

Where to start:

Get a pedometer. You can download a pedometer app, purchase one off Amazon or go for the all-inclusive Fitbit.

The American Heart Association recommends 10,000 steps (roughly 5 miles) per day for health. The 10,000 steps practice can be traced to Japanese walking clubs and a business slogan 30+ years ago.

Walking is free and easy on the joints. Studies show it can help reduce blood pressure, stress, fatigue, and weight. Walking has also been shown to spark creativity, increasing productivity and elevate your mood. Little risk, high reward.

One mile is about 2,000 steps. A daily step total of 5,000, or under, is considered sedentary but don’t be discouraged if this is you.

Just like yoga (and in life) you have to start somewhere. Put one foot in front of the other and get stepping. Check out the 11 ways to increase your daily steps below.

11 Ways to Increase Your Daily Step Total

1. Walk 10-30 minutes first thing in the morning. Getting your blood pumping is the best way to start the day.
2. Take the stairs.
3. Set a timer to remind you to get out of your seat every 60-90 minutes.
4. Walk on your lunch break at work (or before or after work.)
5. Reframe your thoughts about doing housework. Be happy you are getting extra steps doing chores.
6. Avoid drive through windows. Add a couple steps by getting out of the car.
7. Park in the back on the parking lot.
8. Host a walking meeting (Steve Jobs did this)
9. Play with the kids. Tag or hide-n-go seek anyone?
10. Instead of using Facebook, phone or email to connect with friends/family, invite them to walk (or talk on the phone while walking in the neighborhood.)
11. Dance party anyone?

Take action NOW:

Pick one of the ways to increase your steps above and try it out this week. Share which one you are going to do in the comment section below. And what is your favorite way to add activity into each day.

Find fun ways to fit activity into your life and notice the difference in how you feel. Remember, it doesn’t have to be formal exercise. Small bursts of movement throughout the day is great for your joints, mind and well-being.

Happy stepping,