13 tips Dining Out

Hello Beautiful Friend,

Memorial weekend is here! (aka the unofficial kick-off of summer;)

I am pumped because a big group of my family will be in town to celebrate. What do you have planned? Possibly going out to dinner?

Enjoying your life is a huge part of wellness but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up your health goals to have a good time. Although, I recommend cooking at home most of the time, I understand eating out comes with busy schedules, traveling and entertainment.

I’ve found there is a tipping point when the desire to feel good is greater than the instant satisfaction of the brownie, third cocktail, or fourth handful of chips.

Be kind to yourself, it has taken me years to learn this lesson. Each experience is an opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t. Remember anything in excess can leave you feeling drained, bummed and bloated which will take away from you feeling your best.

Reframe your thoughts and instead of looking at social events as a challenge, look at them as an opportunity to be creative when ordering. Even the 14-Day Mind Body Detoxors were pleasantly surprised to find detox friendly meals while on the go.

Below I’ll share with you 13 Tips for Eating Healthy while Dining Out. These tips have saved me time and time again. I no longer dread getting on the scale after a vacation weekend and you can too.

Try one or more of the following tips when dining out:

1. Plan ahead. Think about what you are going to order before you go.
2. Pass on the bread (or chips). If possible ask the server not to bring the bread to the table.
3. Start with water and a side salad/soup.
4. Be the first to order and order a healthy option. Social experiments show it sets the tone for the table.
5. Sub a green/veggie side for fries. Taste a couple of your husband’s fries if needed.
6. Ask for dressing/cheese/nuts on the side so you can see how much is going on your meal.
7. Ask for “light” sauce/butter/salt.8. Aim for olive oil based dressing vs. creamy.
9. Ask for items to be grilled vs. fried.
10. Split a meal and add a side salad.
11. Order an appetizer for your main meal. These are usually more appropriately sized.
12. Skip the dessert or share. Look up the calories before you go for shock factor. These desserts can run 800+ calories. If craving dessert, share with the group and have a couple bites and put your fork down between bites and take a deep breath.
13. Be aware of booze. Alcohol inhibits your ability to make healthy food choices.

I want to hear from you.

Which one of the 13 tips are you going to try this holiday weekend? Share with me in the comments section below.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend dear friend.