30Day EW Challenge Graphic Newsletter


The 30 Day Embrace Wellbeing Challenge: Eat one bowl of soup a day and post your appreciation list (15 things) in the Facebook group daily.

Welcome to week 2! Even if you didn’t post your daily appreciation list in the Facebook group, I hope you are making a daily list because by training your mind to focus on abundance vs lack you will have more energy, resiliency and contentment.

Make time this weekend to book at least one batch of soup and choose a time each day you are going to write your appreciation list. This two actions will have a positive impact on how you feel this holiday season.

It’s really amazing to see the group come together to support each other. Don’t hesitate to ask a questions, reach out for support, or to share a recipe.

Week 2’s Recipes, Shopping List: 

Continue to post pics of your soup recipes #EWchallenge and your daily appreciations for a chance to win a Stop Obsessing about Food and Start Living Intro Package.

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