beatles meditation

Hi Beautiful Friends,

Hopefully you have taken advantage of last week’s meal planning worksheet and it’s made your life easier. If you missed the post, check it out.

I’m up north this week for my lovely friend Kristen’s baby shower then staying to kick-off the 3rd year of ms consultants’ Wellness at Work Program with a Recipe Contest! I’ll be sharing the winning recipe with you next week.

Preparing for the Kick-Off made this week busier than usually but there is one thing I have made time for each morning – MEDITATION.

Did you know the Beatles meditated twice a day? Pretty groovy, huh?

Meditation can be a love/hate relationship, but as you take the time to quiet your mind from the constant chatter, you will be amazed with the benefits.

Studies show meditation can increase willpower and improve self-control skills, which will help you reach your weight loss goals and much more. Meditation strengthens your impulse control (like saying no thank-you to donuts in the break room or cookies after dinner) and helps you ignore inner distractions like cravings, worries and desires. It strengthens neural connections between regions of the brain that are important for staying focused and ignoring distractions, which means you can get more done at work and have more time for play. And all you need to get started is just 5 minutes!

Every morning I sit for 5-30 minutes and practice watching my breath without thought. And as a result, I’m more productive, focused and calm throughout the day because of it. Meditation teaches me to slow down, be present and enjoy the moment. My anxiety has decreased, which has eliminated my need to use food to relax. And my depression has vanished because I spend time sending love out to all my friends and family, wishing them well and being grateful for my abundant life instead of dreading another busy day.

The practice is life changing and I hope you will try it. The meditation technique I use is breath awareness. This training quiets the stress and cravings centers of your brain.

Here is a quick how-to:

1. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Begin to notice your breathe. You can even say to yourself “inhale” and “exhale.” Try counting each breath cycle: 1, 2, 3…

2. Work on counting up to 100. If you forget what number comes next, start back at one. The point is not to get to 100 but to practice being connected in the moment with your breath. When your mind starts to wander, simply begin again. It gets a bit easier with practice and patience. And believe me, the results are worth it!

3. Start with just 5 minutes. Then you can increase to 10 or 15.

Pick a time each day for the next 2 weeks to practice meditation and notice the difference in how your feel. In the blog comments section below, let me know when and where you are going to meditate. I can’t wait to hear your plan and its results!

Peace, Love and Meditation,