In honor of cupid’s holiday, I created a video just for you, 5 Yoga Poses To Open Your Heart.

Valentines Day is romanticized as a couple’s holiday, but I like to see it as a day to spread love everywhere – to yourself, friends, family, pets and even strangers.

Today’s video will open your heart physically from the front, side, and back but also energetically and emotionally.

Often when we think of opening the heart, we think of only the front of the body. But just like love, the heart is multidimensional and dynamic.

Love is to be given and received. The front of the body is associated with our ability to give love as the back of the body is related to receiving love.

While you do the video breathe into the fullness of the heart and imagine that the energy of your heart is radiating out to all of your loved ones. I know this sounds woo-woo but I promise the warmth you’ll feel is worth getting-hippie-with-it.

For love to flow freely, you must feel grounded, connected, safe and calm. Yoga will help strengthen these emotions, and with practice, you’ll feel more open to giving and receiving love.

Take action by doing the video below.  

Then give someone extra love today – a hand-written card, flowers, or a compliment. And in return allow yourself to receive love which might be the harder of the two for you. Notice if you have the tendency to side swap a compliment, instead, say ‘thank you’ and take it in.

Sending you lots and lots of love.