Do you live to eat or eat to live?

You might look at food as nutrition or fuel. 

Breaking it down based on calories, fat, carbs, or protein. Or placing it in a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ category. 

Odds are you have read a diet book or two (or a million!) and tried many with the best intentions of losing weight, having more energy, get healthier, or feeling better about yourself.

You think that if you just eat better life would magically easier. 

If only you had more willpower.

You might think YOU are the problem.

But have you ever considered that the diet is the problem. that’s a thought.

You were taught that if you had enough willpower than you would be able to control what you put into your mouth.

I call BS.

My clients struggle with this and I did too for years — decades even.

Here’s the powerful pivot point.

Instead of focusing your time and energy on finding the diet that will solve all your problems, use that energy to boost up your joy, relationships, career, hobbies, spirituality, love, rest, organization, decluttering, creativity or fun in your life.

A few weeks ago, I gave you an exercise to help you evaluate areas in your life is out of balance. HERE is the post in case you’re drawing a blank on where to start.

Nourishing secondary food in your life – rest, emotions, relationships, spirituality, joy, work, or fun will consequently impact how you feel about yourself which ripples affect how you feel in your body.

I’ve seen this play out several times in my life.

I fought my body since I was a kid until my late 20s. I tracked what I was eating, I exercised daily and regardless of what I did my weight didn’t budge. My health was suffering and I was miserable.

But when I focused on increasing the joy and fun in my life I effortlessly lost weight while creating a life I loved living.

Here are 3 examples: 

  1. When I went away to college, instead of focusing on controlling what I ate, I focused on making friends. We partied, laughed, went for runs while getting to know each other, and had a blast being freshman at UD. I lost 15 pounds was letting the ‘real’ me come forward with my interactions with people.
  2. After college, I moved to Chicago and was struggling with health issues and holding onto weight despite restricting my diet and over exercising. I decided to stop focusing my energy on changing the shape of my body and instead worked on calming my mind and moving my body in ways that made it feel good. My body responded, my health improved and the excess weight came off easily.
  3. I had my son. The story I had told myself is that I would struggled with my weight after pregnancy. But during the pregnancy and after I focused on eating when my body was hungry and loving up on the baby we tried for years to conceive. I gained the perfect amount of weight during my pregnancy and lost it without trying.

How you feel in your body goes beyond what you eat. Of course, there is still value in eating clean but if other areas of your life are out of alignment you could be working harder to achieve your ideal weight, health and happiness than you need to be.

Ready to try? 

Send me an email and tell me what secondary food area is out of balance in your life and one step you are going to take to improve it.

Can’t wait to hear the one step you’re going to take and I’ll respond with a tip to help you make your goal a reality.