Hello Beautiful Friend,

Hopefully you had a wonderful holiday weekend.

We hosted Easter last so our house was filled with 7 adults and my niece and nephew. There was lots of cooking, bright colored clothes and laughs. (the pic of my crazy family after Easter mass.) I even impressed my carnivore family members with vegetarian sloppy joes and a yummy kale salad with vegan parmesan. Despite my best efforts to eat healthy it still was a holiday weekend filled with snacks and treats. (I’m part Greek and cannot let company go hungry.) Thankfully the candy left with my niece.

Easter is Halloween’s close cousin and can be temptation central with candy eggs, marshmallow bunnies and chewing jelly beans around the house. Do you still have Easter candy lying around?

We had snacks out most of the weekend and I kept hiding the candy bowl. Why? Because when food is left out I’m A LOT more likely to eat it and odds are so are you.

Willpower only lasts so long and after turning down temptation after temptation eventually you give up. So, here is my simple trick and some examples:

Place the healthy food in plain sight (and hide the rest)

  • Try putting apples or oranges on the counter.
  • Leave an inviting pitcher of ice water infused with cucumber or lemon on the counter.
  • Put your vegetables at eye level in the refrigerator so it’s the first thing you see when you open the door.(This trick not only will have you reaching for more veggies but it will also save you from forgetting what is in your vegetable drawer.)
  • Experiment with putting chips, pretzels and other snack foods on the bottom shelf so it’s not the first thing you see each time you open the cabinets.
  • If you struggle with resisting office donuts, cookies or other break room belly busters, bring in some fresh fruit or a veggie tray to share. Start a healthy revolution at your office.
  • Hit the easy button and do yourself a favor by leaving temptation hidden. Try it out! It works, I promise.

    Do you have a simple trick for eating healthy? If so, please share with the group in the comment section below.

    Cheers to making life easier,


    PS. If you still have Easter candy THROW IT OUT!
    PPS: My sister Monica (in the blue glasses) didn’t join us this weekend but added herself to the pic:)