Hi Beautiful Friend,

Are you Fed Up with your lack of willpower toward sugar (or other food vice)?

This week I want to share a movie suggestion and my embarrassing sugar story.

First the story.

I used to be ADDICTED to sugar; more specifically ice cream. My freshman year dorm had a self-serve frozen yogurt machine which I ate 1-2 times per day for the first couple of months! There is even a rumor that I came home after too many cocktails, and ate ice cream using my fingers, out of the carton of course. GROSS. My blood sugar had taken a major dip due to the alcohol and starvation diet of iceburg lettuce I was most likely on.

Needless to say I had a scare because the next day I thought I had frost bite! (gross, embarrassing but thankfully I have moved on from my ice cream eating days)

This lifestyle of starving myself during the day, turned me into a sugar craving queen at night. Consequently, I ended up with insulin resistance, hypoglycemia and depression. I was devastated by my predicament and decided it was time to cut ties with my frenemy.

Definition of Frenemy by Urban Dictionary: An enemy disguised as a friend.

Why am I sharing this horrifically, embarrassing story? Because I think you might be able to relate. When sugar calls do you come running?

We as a nation are addicted to sugar but it’s not completely our fault. The more we eat the more we want. It’s added to baby food, ketchup, toothpaste, spaghetti sauce, fat-free cookies, and the list goes on and on. With education (and maybe some support) you can overcome the sugar monster like I did.

Feed your mind by going to see a new movie called Fed Up. It’s a documentary about how the food industry is sneaking ingredients in our food that makes us come back for more despite our best efforts.

HERE is the Fed Up Trailer.

Go see it this weekend and report your reaction in the comments section below.

Sending sweet (non-food) vibes your way,


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