Hiya Wellness Buddy,

Tonight the 15 Mind Body Detoxers and I are having a Healthy Pot Luck. After 14 days of detoxing, I’m feeling light, energized and inspired. Detoxing exposes your food addictions (after the holidays, mine were sugar and coffee), brings clarity to your food choices and puts you back in control. You can be creative and re-invented recipes like the Spicy Chili, I shared with you last week. If you haven’t tried it out, Superbowl weekend is a perfect time to break out the recipe. It’s a great add-on to organic tortilla chips, on top of a veggie burger (or organic burger), or alone topped with avocado. It’s perfectly paired with a beer and sautéed greens.

I love sharing recipes with you and now it’s your turn…Calling All Healthy Recipes!

It’s time for a good old recipe share. Trading recipes is great way to keep meal boredom at bay. Plus, someone has already taste tested the dish so you won’t waste your time making a so-so recipe.

In the spirit of the Healthy Pot Luck, please share your favorite healthy recipes in the comments section below. Or simply post them on the Embrace Wellbeing Facebook Page. Together, we’ll get healthier one recipe at a time.

Cooking is a perfect way to stay warm, save money and stay healthy. Include the kids, your spouses and/or friends and have fun!

Now dust off your recipe books and get cooking.

Cheers to good smelling kitchens,


PS: If you are interested in more information about the Mind Body Detox simply email me.