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It is that time of year again — Allergy Season! Before I moved down south I was familiar with pollen, but I’ve never seen pollen like this up North (the picture to the left is of the pollen covered table on my screened in porch!)

You have seen the Claritin commercial of the couple packing for a camping trip. One poor soul is having visions of themselves sneezing, itching their eyes and feeling down right lousy.

Can you relate?

Ever wonder if your symptoms are related to the foods you are eating?

During my 10-Day Cleanse, one of the biggest changes, in addition to weight loss, my clients see is relief in allergy symptoms. The food link…DAIRY.

The bad news…cheese, milk and ice cream…don’t shoot the messenger…can increase mucus therefore worsening your symptoms. Don’t believe me?

Experiment with taking dairy out of your diet for only 2 weeks and notice the difference.

The good news…I have plenty of yummy alternatives to dairy so you can enjoy still enjoy without discomfort.

Try out these alternatives to get you through allergy season without sacrificing taste:

  • Use avocados, mashed beans or hummus on a sandwich for a delicious spread.
  • Instead of milk, use organic almond milk or coconut water for the liquid in your smoothies, or throw in avocado or organic tofu to make your smoothie deliciously creamy.
  • Make a homemade pesto and mushroom pizza and top it with fresh arugula.
  • Blend a batch of cashew cream to use as vegetable dip or as a layer in lasagna.
  • Recipe: Cashew Cream
    – 2 cups raw cashews (soaked overnight if possible)
    – 1 cup filtered water
    – 2 tablespoons lemon juice
    – Sea salt and pepper to taste

    Blend all ingredients in the food processor till creamy. You can use this as a dip, spread or even as layer in lasagna.

    You can do it! All it takes is 2 weeks to notice the difference. Bonus! You might also see changes your in weight, energy level, skin and digestion.

    Try it out and report back in the comments below or on our Facebook Page.

    Sending love your way till next time,