self love buddha

Hi Beautiful,

Today’s blog post topic is near and dear to my heart. I’ve created Embrace Wellbeing to support you in your weight loss efforts but also to help you boost your self-confidence. By combining clean eating and self-love I’ll create space for healing and long-term happiness and weight loss success.

Tell me…

What was the last thing you said to yourself?

I look old.

I’m fat.

I hate my cellulite.

Why did I have to eat that cookie, ice cream, cake, etc.

I’m so tired.

This diet isn’t working.

If it was any judgement or criticism toward yourself STOP IT! Isn’t it crazy how we talk to ourselves sometimes? I want to start a self-love revolution and hope you’ll join me.

Would you ever cut a child down the way you do yourself?

The truth is you are never going to reach your weight goals if you’re not your biggest fan.

It’s amazing how a little self-love will affect your food choices and how you take care of yourself. Starve criticism and judgment by giving it less of your energy. Feed your self-esteem with kind thoughts and loving words.

Negative self-talk only promotes emotional eating and let’s be honest it doesn’t work. It can seem counter-intuitive to give yourself a break for eating a cookie but the odds are you’ll be eating a heck of a lot less cookies if you wake up with the intention to nourish you mind and body with positive thoughts and clean food that support your health and vitality.

I started my own self-love journey 6 years ago. Obsessively counting calories, logging hours at the gym to make up for overeating, and insulting myself right and left wasn’t working. Gratitude, yoga, meditation and whole foods transformed my life. I let go of the fear I wouldn’t be able to lose weight and started living life. Self-love makes me a happier person and helped me lose (and keep off) 20 pounds. You can do it too.

Challenge yourself for the next 2 weeks to love yourself up.

Instead of picking out what you don’t like about yourself choose to focus on what you do. Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I love you.” Fake it until you make it dear friend. I promise it’s better than the alternative. Bring awareness to negative self-talk. If it happens simply smile and replace the evil thought with a positive one. Keep practicing and the worst that can happen is you walk around with smile on your face all day.

You are worth it.

xo Jackie