50-Minute Power Yoga Sequence

An oldie but a goodie. This is a level 2 power yoga sequence. Enjoy! Dig the music? Check out Jesse Blake HERE. He’s a dear friend of mine that DJs during yoga classes and also DJed at our wedding! It’s from the Niyamas Volume 1.

New Moon, New Beginnings

The universe’s energy has your back this week if you’re looking to start fresh for two reasons: 1) Tuesday was the summer solstice – the first day of summer! The energy of summer is vibrant, light, fun and curious. You might feel ready to take on a...

5 Yoga Poses to Open Your Heart

In honor of cupid’s holiday, I created a video just for you, 5 Yoga Poses To Open Your Heart. Valentines Day is romanticized as a couple’s holiday, but I like to see it as a day to spread love everywhere – to yourself, friends, family, pets and even strangers....

Hip and Heart Yoga Sequence

I taped this sequence on the new moon but you can do it anytime during the month. The theme of the class is letting go of what you don’t need to create space for new beginnings. Get ready to clear your mind, open your heart and stretch your hips. It’s a...

Strong, Energized and Calm Yoga Sequence

There’s nothing like a 20-minute flow that leaves you feeling strong, energized and calm. Try it out and make sure to modify or take breaks when needed. Namaste.