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Return to Your Core

An 8-week, virtual yoga experience to strengthen your core while taking action toward feeling like yourself again. 

As women, we’re constantly being pulled away from our center as we shift gears from one task to the next. Often on auto-pilot without adding ourselves to the list of people that need our attention. 

Yoga helps strengthen your body while freeing your mind from the mental clutter that weighs you down. From this place, you can tap back into the core of who you are and from there anything is possible. 

Time for you to connect, move, breathe, and remember. 

I understand you're busy and that you juggle a lot of responsibilities. That's why our time together is designed to be potent and healing. You'll take care of your body, health, mind, and heart so that you can act from your calm, present, loving center. 

There are 3 parts: 

  1. Nine, virtual flow classes. Together we’ll move through a progressive series of yoga classes to strengthen pelvic floor, abs, and back. Each class will also include chest openers, twists, cardio options (that you can totally skip depending on how you’re feeling), before we finish with breath work and meditation. You’ll have access to the recordings of each class until the end of the 8-weeks so you can take them as often as you’d like. The first and last class will be 90-minutes: 60-minutes of flow and 30-minutes of opening/closing sharing and reflection.     

  2. Group calls via Zoom at the beginning, middle and end that will open and close our time together and hold you accountable as you take action toward your intention. The first and last call will be at the end of the first and last yoga classes and the other will be at the mid-way point.  
  3. Journaling prompts for reflection to help you get clear on where you’ve lost your center and how to get it back so that you can feel confident in your skin, choices, and how you’re taking care of yourself. 

Bonus: I’ll be available before and after classes if you want to connect, share wins, need accountability, or want to ask a question.

After 8-weeks you'll:

  • Feel stronger, more relaxed, and appreciative of your body 
  • Have tools to stop overwhelm and stress in their tracks
  • Experience that calm center within you that always knows the next best step 
  • Witness the power of communing and sharing with like-minded women  
  • Move forward as your best, most grounded, authentic version of yourself 

This 8-week series is the perfect opportunity to build strength week by week while getting clear on your priorities so that you can take focused action toward being the happiest, healthiest, truest version of yourself. 


*All classes are via Zoom EST and will be recorded*

  • Friday, March 18 at 9:30am-11am kick-off class with 60-minute yoga and 30-minutes of intention setting 
  • Fridays, March 18 - May 6 at 9:30am-10:30am except April 8 and 29 (these classes will be pre-recorded)
  • Wednesday, April 6 Q&A community call at noon 
  • Friday, May 13: 9:30am-11am wrap-up class with 60-minute yoga and 30-minutes of closing ceremony 
Investment: $166
After you make payment by clicking the sign up here button below, you'll receive more details with the Zoom link for classes and a few questions to contemplate before we get started.

If your mind, body, heart, and health are saying it's time to take care of me - click sign-up below.   

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Return to your Core
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Return to your Core
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35-Minute Flow Class

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Meet Jackie

Jackie Dominas is a yoga teacher and life coach helping women navigate the busy-ness of life while making peace with their bodies, calming their minds, and creating time for what’s close to their hearts. For 16 years she's worked in the wellness as a dietitian, personal trainer, yoga teacher, holistic health coach, and spiritual teacher helping hundreds of people see and act on their full potential. She meets her clients where they are and lovingly encourages them to rewire the patterns that keep them feeling stuck. Her own health journey of years of infertility, a traumatic then healing birth, pelvic organ prolapse, depression, initiation into motherhood, and growing a business while holding true to her priorities as a wife, mother, and women has solidified her passion for the work she does in the world. Yoga has been her constant companion throughout all seasons of  her life starting at a young age. Her classes are accessible, challenging, and playful with a focus on alignment and linking movement with breath. Jackie lives in Fort Mill, SC with her husband and two young sons. She enjoys geeking out about the moon, modern motherhood, and the gifts of being a woman. In addition to teaching yoga, she hosts monthly moon circles, blogs about living a purposeful + happy life, coaches women 1:1, hosts retreats, workshops, and yoga teacher trainings.
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