A few years back we talked about FOMO – the fear of missing out. This concept includes the fear of missing out on parties, food, workshops, conversations, programs, sales, or opportunities.

A FOMO mindset can you leave you stuck in a cycle of worry, questioning your decisions and anxiety. FOMO drains your precious energy.

Enter JOMO!

JOMO is the joy of missing out. It’s the joy of saying ‘no’ to something so you can say ‘yes’ to yourself.

You might feel pressure this time of year with all things you think you ‘should’ do – send holiday cards, decorate like Martha Stewart, attend holidays parties, mediate family dramas, bake dozens of cookies (and try not to eat them), and buy thoughtful gifts.

Social media can magnify the pressure to perform and even give you comparisonitis – the thief of joy.

How about leaning into JOMO?

My teacher, Elizabeth Dialto, gave me wise advice that I hope will help you.

You will never miss out on anything that was meant for you.

Let that sink in.

You will never miss out on anything that was meant for you.

Experiment with saying ‘no’ to an event you don’t want to attend and doing something you WANT to do instead.

If the people pleaser, rule follower or perfectionist in you is chiming in, get curious.

Why do you feel like you need to do the ‘shoulds’? Can you make them more manageable or fun? Can you hire them out? How can you choose to pull back this year?

You have permission. Show up for yourself with energy, love, and patience.

JOMO will fill your cup up, so you have plenty to give.

Tell me, what are you going to say ‘no’ to this holiday season? Hop over to FB and let me know in the comments.