meditation pic california text v2As you know I believe moving your body helps clear the mind and makes you feel good. In addition to eating healthy and moving your body it is important to train your mind to relax.

Meditation has an amazing ability to bring more awareness into the day. It can be challenging at first since our brains are conditioned to be thinking of to-dos lists, work and should-haves all times.

But wouldn’t it be nice to let the non-important stuff go?

Meditation will help you weed out the excessive thoughts and create space for you to be in the moment.

When you are in the moment anxiety, stress and worries fade. You body can tap into a parasympathetic state of calm and peace vs. the rushed, hurried feeling of trying to fit 100 tasks in one day.

You can train your brain to be more patience, calm and content by sitting and breathing for 5 minutes a day.

5 minutes is completely doable. You can find 5 minutes. Oprah can find 5 minutes.

Set the alarm 5 minutes earlier, cut your Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram/email time short, or skip the reality tv show and do it right before bed.

Your brain is like a muscle and can be strengthened with practice. It will calm your digestive system and the increased awareness will help you make better food choices.

Have you tried meditation?

I shared this Simple, Sweet Meditation Video with the Happy Body Students last week and wanted you to try it  too.

Watch this Simple, Sweet Meditation Video and if you like the video please share it with your friends.

Happy meditating!