biggest loser scaleI love the changing of seasons, and this one is my favorite. Spring brings a light, vibrant and hopeful energy along with it. We get to come out of hibernation and shed anything that’s weighing us down.

If you have one wish in regards to your life, food, body, stress or exercise what it would be?

When I ask my clients this question, weight loss tops the list. The desire to want to fit into your jeans so you can feel more confident, healthy and happy is great. But instead of the traditional calories in, calories out approach you’ve tried time and time again; I’m suggesting a different approach that might surprise you.

Do you know how much Mother Teresa weighed?

How about Rosa Parks?

Or Helen Keller?

Odds are you don’t, and you don’t care. What’s important is the impact they had on the world and our hearts.

We give so much power to the number on the scale when in reality you are SO much more than what you weigh.

If the scale goes up (or stays the same), you go into a crying fit and straight to chocolate and wine. Or when the number goes down, you self-sabotage because it’s a free pass to indulge. Or even worse, you know the days when you’re feeling light and hopefully until you step on the scale only get punched in the gut.

A preoccupation how much you weigh can lead to body shaming and self-sabotage. Thoughts of I am wrong, defective, unworthy of love and happiness creep in. Shame is heavy, dark, tight and restrictive. I’ve witnessed this in women of all sizes and shapes, including myself.

We can allow that little number on the scale to dictate if we feel like a failure or success from day to day. Or we can choose another, more loving and effective approach.

Step One: Throw out the damn scale!

Yes, that’s right. Throw it out.

If the voice in your head is saying, you must weigh yourself so you can stay on track look at the facts. Is it working?

You don’t have to wait until you finally hit your magic number to be happy and to feel like your enough. You can start doing things that make you happy today, regardless of your size. And this counter-intuitive approach will help the pounds come off with obsessing about the scale.

Step Two: Focus on gaining more meaning and joy out of life instead of losing weight.

This works because when you’re engrossed in activities, projects, and passions that light you up, food will no longer be your source of fulfillment. The need to feed to fill a void will vanish and so will the struggle with your weight.

Navigating where and what you want to start focusing your attention toward and how to simplify your life, so you have time to do it, is something I help clients discover in the Stop Obsessing and Start Living Package.

Here’s how to start making this mindset shift today.

What have you been waiting to do until you lose those stinking 10 pounds?

Be brave and see what happens if you start taking steps toward that goal today. It can be buying a new wardrobe, trying that yoga/gardening/salsa class, applying for the dream job, signing up for eHarmony, spicing things up in the bedroom with your partner, having a photo shoot with your kids, or going on that fabulous beach vacation.

There is nothing more powerful and infectious than a confident woman. You can be that woman with the twinkle in her eye and smile on her face that inspires others to pursue their passions. When you give up the scale and focus what brings you joy right now, you’ll feel lighter, more energized, open and happy.

Now I want to hear from you. Is the number on the scale holding you back from being happy? What is one thing you are going to do this week (even if it’s out of your comfort zone) that will make you happy regardless of your size?