Jackie Dominas, Mee Jackie, Embrace Wellbeing

You’re a smart, go-getter, with a really big heart.

But you’re stretched too thin and feel tired and overwhelmed by the stress of your busy life.   

You think that if you just push a bit harder and check one more thing off your to-do list then you’ll finally be able to relax and your brain will shut off.  

 Hi, I’m Jackie Dominas!

I’m a life coach and yoga teacher who works with women who are sick of just going through the motions but are stuck in a cycle that keeps them worn out, unhappy, and like they’re missing a piece of themselves. I help them find a better way of living that’s easier and more enjoyable so that they can have more energy for the things that light them up. 

I feel in my bones that I was put on the planet to help women navigate the busy-ness of life while making peace with their bodies, calming their minds, and creating time for what’s important to them. 

For years, I suffered from anxiety and had this nagging feeling that I didn’t fit in even though I had a lot of friends and a loving family. I desperately wanted to feel content and happy.  

So I spent years trying to figure out how the body and mind work so that I could fix myself and stop riding the struggle bus. What I didn’t realize until later was that I was missing tending to my soul.

For decades, I thought my body was the problem. 

I placed my worth on what I looked like and my pant size and unconsciously focused all my energy on fitting into what I thought a woman should look and act like – thin, smart, giving – perfect.   

When I was in the 8th grade, I devoured a yoga book, and for the first time I got a taste of a different way of taking care of my body and mind that made me feel lighter, brighter and more hopeful but it would be years until I allowed myself to lean into this way of being.

I (unknowingly) was part of the problem 

I became a dietitian and personal trainer and used my gift for motivating women to believe in themselves. I wrote diet plans and exercise routines and hosted detox workshops and weight-loss programs not realizing I was feeding the problem of women not loving or accepting their beautiful bodies and gifts they have to offer. 

There is value in taking care of your body with clean eating and movement but what’s more important is the energy driving the action. What I learned from working with over a hundred clients and through my own experience is that if we miss tending to creating a life that brings us joy and being curious about untangling the self-talk and beliefs that are keeping us stuck then we will remain unhappy. 

My body told me I needed to slow down 

At the time, I was suffering from adrenal fatigue, disordered eating, depression, overworking, and pushing myself to fit into an unattainable box. The harder I pushed, the more I’d restrict my food, and aimed to do everything “right,” the worse my symptoms got – it was incredibly frustrating.  

I was determined to figure out how to feel better and finally was ready to listen to the intuitive whisper that I had discredited for years –  slow down!

Until then I was attached and obsessive about the external advice on what I should do in order to get the body I wanted, a safe and successful career, and perfect life on paper.

It’s cliche to say, but yoga did change my life. 

 The timing of my first yoga teacher training was divine. I started moving my body because it was fun and felt good instead of for punishment. My yoga teachers had a twinkle in their eyes and a palpable, calm energy — and I wanted to feel this way too. 

The practice helped me slow down, and reflect on what I wanted my life to look like.

I was filled with creativity, hope, and possibility. I shifted my detox programs to include group yoga and mindset work and witnessed my clients benefiting from shifting their focus from working out to working inward.

I started seeing clients on the side and eventually quit my job so that I could work for myself. I trained clients outside, at their houses, rented a dance studio by the hour to teach yoga classes, and started virtually coaching clients on how to take care of their body, and to create balance and joy in their lives.  

My life was magically unfolding the more I leaned into trusting myself. The excess weight I was holding onto was gone, I was calmer, my health improved, I was setting my own schedule, attracting dream clients, making more money than ever and met my to-be husband at a bar on St. Patrick’s Day.

Life was flowing and didn’t feel so hard. Until I encountered a new challenge.

I had set a foundation for living my life on my terms but there were still challenges along the way. Life was calling me to walk my talk. I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. 

WTF? I was the definition of healthy and had built this beautiful life and now it felt hard and heavy. 

Now on the other side – we have sweet, spunky IVF baby boy who is the love of my life – I realize that I was being initiated by something greater to deepen my relationship with myself and to learn the wisdom of being a woman.    

During the five years, it took us to bring Vince into the world were filled with heart-break, loss, and deep healing and personal growth. I was also growing my coaching practice, running a corporate wellness program, transitioning from a big move from Chicago to Atlanta, trying to meet new friends, keeping my marriage happy, and managing the emotional toll and logistics of fertility treatments.

Good thing I’m an optimist, resourceful, and resilient. These darker times gave me the opportunity to take an honest look at my life, my beliefs, habits, and patterns. I evaluated what was working and what wasn’t and reconnect with the wise voice inside that always knows the way. 

The universe gifted me teachers and healers that helped me navigate this dark time and I was able to see it as an opportunity for learning and spiritual growth.

We’ve been taught that pushing, doing, achieving, controlling, over-giving, and being agreeable is the way. 

We have placed too much value on external advice about what’s best for us and have forgotten the value and strength of knowing ourselves, and working with our body, tendencies, desires, and dreams instead of against them.

This journey has ignited a fire inside of me and I want to shout it from the rooftops – THERE IS A BETTER WAY!

We don’t need to run around exhausted, overwhelmed, hating our body, unhappy or feeling like we’re broken. 

You too can untangle the routines, mindsets, and habits that keep you suffering and stuck so that you can feel alive, free, and happy.     

I’m no longer afraid to admit I’m sensitive and cry easily, that I love tracking my menstrual cycle with the moon, geek out on the seasons and cycles of the earth and our lives, pulling oracle cards makes me feel calm, that I think it’s fun to find ways to work smarter not harder, and I let my heart instead of my mind led the way, or that I value rest and play as much as I do being productive.

I broke out of the spiritual closet but still have the down-to-earth, practical side that allows me to show other women how to work with the natural tendencies, sacred bodies, their unique gifts, to help them understand what makes them tick, and how to build a life that prioritizes what’s important to their hearts.   

Each one of us was born with an inner guidance system waiting to be reclaimed. 

I’ve called on this guidance system many times — with building my business, pregnancy, birth, motherhood, partnership, relationships, and parenting and you can too.

I help my clients ease into this way of living through 1:1 coaching, workshops, and retreats.

One of my clients said this:

“I’m a doer by nature, so I’m used to getting things done, and I’ll push myself even when my body is screaming for me to take a break. Jackie taught me how to balance pushing with receiving—or even slowing down. At first, I was nervous that anything other than driving to the finish meant floating or no progress. I learned a blueprint can get you to the goal. But an open mind and heart may take you somewhere even better.” 

Creating a life that is built around your priorities and what lights you up is your birthright.


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