It’s time to live your best life. Authentic. Purposeful. Healthy. Happy. 

You’re a smart, over-scheduled woman with a really big heart. 

On the outside, it looks like you have it together.

But on the inside, you’re struggling, tired, and stressed.

You feel guilty because you ‘should’ be happy and grateful yet you want to feel more alive, free, present, fulfilled, and connected. 

Hi, I’m Jackie!

I’m a spiritual life coach and yoga teacher who works with women who are sick of just going through the motions but are stuck in a cycle that keeps them worn out, unhappy, and feeling like they’re missing a piece of themselves. I teach women how to navigate the busy-ness of life while making peace with their bodies, quieting their minds, and creating time for what’s important to them so that they can go from surviving to thriving. 

It took me years and a few powerful initiations to uncover the root of why I felt behind, not good enough, tired, and unhappy.

For too long, my worth has been defined by what I looked like, my achievements and successes, and unconsciously what a woman should look, act, and want out of life. I was trying to fit myself into an unattainable box and it clearly wasn’t working. 

I unknowingly was part of the problem 

I became a dietitian and personal trainer and used my gift for motivating women to believe in themselves. I wrote diet plans and exercise routines and hosted detox workshops and weight-loss programs not realizing I was feeding the problem of women not loving or accepting their beautiful bodies and gifts they have to offer. 

There is value in taking care of your body with clean eating and movement but what’s more important is the energy driving the action. What I learned from working with hundreds of clients and through my own experience is sustainable change is possible when we untangle the self-talk and beliefs that are keeping us stuck. Magic happens when we get curious why we do the things we do and explore different perspectives and tap into what is true and best for our thriving. 

My body told me I needed to slow down

The lessons started young with disordered eating, excessive exercising, anxiety, and overachieving since I thought by fitting into the “approved” body and life boxes that I would finally feel whole, content, and happy. 

The harder I pushed, the more I restricted my food, and vowed to do everything “right,” the worse my symptoms got – it was incredibly frustrating. I was determined to figure out how to feel better but was attached and obsessive about the external advice on what I “should” do in order to get the body I wanted, a safe and successful career, and perfect life on paper instead of listening to my intuition that had been telling me to slow down for years. 

After pushing myself into adrenal fatigue, I finally decided to listen and shifted gears from calorie counting and using exercise as punishment to my saving grace, yoga. 

Yoga has been a healing balm throughout all every season of my life.

Instead of training for an ironman like my co-workers, I signed up for yoga teacher training.  It felt great to move my body because it was fun, challenging, and felt good. My yoga teachers had a twinkle in their eyes and a palpable, calm energy — and that’s what I wanted. Yoga taught me self-regulation, awareness, reflection, and acceptance.

The practice helped me slow down and gave me clarity on what I wanted my life to look and feel like.  I was filled with creativity, hope, and possibility. I shifted my detox programs to include group yoga and mindset work and witnessed my clients benefiting from shifting their focus from working out to working inward.

I started seeing clients on the side and eventually quit working at the gym so that I could work for myself. I trained clients outside, at their houses, rented a dance studio by the hour to teach yoga classes, and started virtually coaching clients on how to take care of their body and mind while bringing more balance and joy to their lives.  

My life was magically unfolding the more I leaned into trusting myself. The excess weight I was holding onto was gone, I was calmer, my health improved, I was setting my own schedule, attracting dream clients, making more money than ever and met my to-be husband at a bar on St. Patrick’s Day.

Life was good…until the world of unexplained infertility.

I had set a foundation for living my life on my terms and all of sudden it felt hard and heavy. Now on the other side, I realize that I was being initiated by something greater than me to deepen my spiritual practice and to learn the wisdom and power of being a woman so that I could share it with others. 

We’ve been taught that pushing, doing, achieving, controlling, over-giving, and being agreeable is the way. 

It took is five years to bring our first son, Vincent, into the world. During this time, I invested in teachers and mentors that supported me in rewriting outdated beliefs and habits that were keeping me in unhealthy patterns of proving my worth through action and achievement. 

I got to evaluate what was working and what wasn’t while reconnecting to the voice inside that always knows the way. I dove into the metaphysical and energetic realms as a means of healing and personal growth. I learned about cyclical living which includes the gifts of our menstrual cycle, working with the moon phases, seasons, elements, how to balance masuline and feminine energy, and hidden wisdom of the sacred feminine. 

I surrounded myself with other change makers that supported me to continue breaking the “rules” of being a perfect woman in order to lean into my joy.

Healing is not linear, it’s cyclical. 

Finally pregnant, I unconsciously went back into familiar patterns of trying to plan, solve, understand, and control by reading every natural birthing book with advice on how to have a beautiful birth. My pregnancy was easy and I trusted my body more than ever during this time. I loved feeling the baby in my belly. 

It was time for another important lesson from the mystery school of life, surrender. 

Despite my planning, the birth was traumatic and it took me years to recover from a birth injury. On top of the physical healing, no one talks openly about the identity shift of motherhood or other seasons of life that have us question who we are and how we’re living our lives.

For me, the transformation into motherhood included my body, brain, identity, mental health, priorities, emotional well-being, energy, responsibilities, and the need of help and community. 

Life was flipped upside down in the best and hardest ways. 

These times of transition are potent for energetic upgrades and can be an invitation to release ways of being that no longer support our thriving.  

My ego resisted this process since I was attached to being superwomen and proving that women can have and do it all. I thought keeping the same pace with work and life was normal,  only to learn it was at the expense of my health and happiness. 

Why was I depressed when my life on paper looked so good? 

At 18-months, Vincent was still getting up multiple times a time, my nervous system was fried, and I didn’t feel like my optimistic, resourceful, and productive self. I was wired and tired trying to juggle moving to a new city, multiple jobs, the house, holiday planning, nurturing my relationship, and trying to stay healthy. It was too much and I cracked. 

I was confused because I had everything I thought I wanted – the baby, marriage, and career – and yet I was barely holding it together. I was pushing myself past my limit, guilting myself since I “should” be able to keep up, and deep down I was wondering if I ever was going to feel like “me” again under the weight of all the responsibilities. 

I was sick of walking like a shell of myself and wanted my magic back.

Knowing that I needed help, I looked for a therapist that was also spiritual which led me to a Priestess Training program since it was the only way I could work 1:1 with the therapist I knew was the one for me. 

It was out of my comfort zone sharing with friends and family about the training since I hadn’t come out of the spiritual closet yet. I stayed in the program for 3 years and am still on it’s path. This work helped me navigate my depression, the pandemic, another round of fertility treatments, and the birth of my second son, Theo. 

During these years, I got to experience the power of sitting with other women and the need for us to share, listen, and empower each other. I embodied the knowledge I had already learned about cyclical living and sacred feminine practices by creating traditions and rituals into my daily life that make me feel nourished, alive, and grounded. I slowed down even more to allow my life to flow.

The training helped me embrace a yoga philosophy that I learned years ago – we’re whole just as we are, we just need to remember and act from that place of wholeness.  

I vowed to live in alignment with who I am at my core which takes a lot of courage and is totally worth it.  

We are both human and Divine. You’re a soul having a human experience. You were born at the time for a reason. You get to choose where to spend my precious time and energy. 

You have what it takes to go from surviving to thriving. 

I’m no longer afraid to admit I’m sensitive and cry easily, that I love tracking my menstrual cycle with the moon, that I geek out on the seasons and cycles of the earth and our lives. It’s fun for me to find ways to work smarter not harder, pulling oracle cards makes me feel calm, and I value rest and play as much as I do being productive. These days I let my heart instead of my mind lead the way. 

I broke out of the spiritual closet and still have the down-to-earth, practical side that allows me to show other women how to work with the natural tendencies, sacred bodies, their unique gifts, to help them understand what makes them tick, and how to build a life that prioritizes what’s important to their hearts.   

My clients share that they feel safe and calm in my presence and are surprised with how much they can open up around me. Our time together is judgement free so you can speak from the heart and we can create a blueprint for you start living your best life. 

Each one of us was born with an inner guidance system waiting to be reclaimed.

I’ve called on this guidance system many times. My life is still messy with two young kids, ups and downs with childcare, growing a business, managing a household, juggling logistics, nurturing my relationships, and navigating the state of the world.

Cyclical living, yoga, and sacred feminine practices helped me get my magic back. 

I get to be your proof that it’s possible to feel alive, whole, and vibrant when you break-free from old ways of being even if it feels scary. You can prioritize what lights you up and it will positively impact everyone around you.

I’m here to midwife a new paradigm that reminds women of their inherent worth, wholeness, incredible power and ability to make, inspire, and be the change they want to create within themselves as well as their homes, communities, and world.  It’s powerful work and there’s a reason you’ve read to the bottom on this page.

Do you feel that spark inside of you, the yearning to want to live your best life? 

Through my Return to Your Core program, 1:1 coaching, workshops, and yoga classes, I uplift  women with practical, non-judgemental, and intuitive guidance that allows you to feel seen, heard, and held as you step into a new way of living that supports your thriving. 

One of my clients said:

“I’m a doer by nature, so I’m used to getting things done, and I’ll push myself even when my body is screaming for me to take a break. Jackie taught me how to balance pushing with receiving—or even slowing down. At first, I was nervous that anything other than driving to the finish meant floating or no progress. I learned a blueprint can get you to the goal. But an open mind and heart may take you somewhere even better.” 

Creating a life around your priorities and what lights you up is your birthright.


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