photo (3)Hello Beautiful Friend,

Did you notice the moon was hiding Wednesday night? It was the fall equinox where the moon is between the earth and the sun. Without the light of the moon the sky was very dark and perhaps you noticed your energy was been down a bit this week.

With fast moving lives, it’s easy to dismiss what your body is trying to tell you. There are endless ways to mask your symptoms- tired – drink a coffee, upset stomach – hello pepto, or have a headache – pop an aspirin.

Last week, Jason and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in Destin FL. When we got back from our trip Maya had a tummy ache. Her belly was grumbling and the poor little thing kept asking to go outside to try to do her business. Despite her LOVE for steak and cheese she turned her nose up to Jason’s leftovers.

She was listening to her body and within 24 hours was back to normal. How often can you say you do the same?

Do you know which foods cause you to feel bloated, anxious or irritated? Or on the positive flip make you feel great, energized and focused?

I challenge you to try the 4 Day Breakfast Experiment for the next week to begin to start tuning into what foods are best (and worst) for you.

Important! Resist the temptation to skip this experiment. The knowledge you’ll get from just 4 days will create a base for making healthy food choices, limiting cravings and successful weight loss in the future.

Here are the details:

For the next 4 days eat one of the 4 breakfasts below. After each meal jot down what you eat and how you feel, both right after eating and again 2 hours later. Note your energy level, your hunger level, your cravings, your moods and your physical symptoms.

Important: Avoid drinking caffeine or sugar beverages in the morning during this experiment because it will block you from tapping into body’s signals.

Day 1:  2 Eggs and yellow/red vegetable (sub scrambled tofu if vegan/vegetarian)

Day 2:  Oatmeal made the way you like (sub any grain product for gluten free options)

Day 3:  Fruit and toast with butter (sub rice bread with nut butter and fruit if gluten free/vegan)

Day 4:  Green smoothie made with fruit and scoop of protein

Here is a handy printable to track your progress.

After the experiment I want you to report in the comments section below. I’m curious to hear your results.

I just finished my experiment and found eggs and green smoothies are best for me. Now it’s your turn to try it out.

Cheers to starting the day off right,