Have you wondered if eating late is bad for you?

I get this question a lot and want to give you some food for thought.

What do you think the answer is?

For most of my clients they don’t think eating late is best for their health or waistline but the influx of confusing theories on Google they second guess themselves. Often times we know the answer to the questions we’re asking but don’t trust ourselves. I encourage you to test your intuition and see how you feel. But since you’re reading this for guidance here’s my advice after experimenting with myself and working with lots of clients.

Sound familiar…

You’re starving after a long day with the kids or at work and chow down at dinner…

You’re not hungry after dinner but are stuck in the habit of having a snack despite the countless times you’re sworn you’re just going to drink tea instead…

You’re been “good” all day but an alien takes over your body after dinner and eats three, 100 calorie Oreo snack packs while catching up on Game of Thrones…

I get it. Totally get it.

For years I’ve tried to break the habit of eating after dinner because it’s better for digestion and sleep – two things I struggle with. Not to mention most of the time it’s mindless eating or a way to unwind and relax. Then something clicked when I was reading Vani Hari’s, “The Food Babe Way”.

Check it out. Breakfast = “break-your-fast”

Your body takes 8 hours to completely digest the food you ate that day and after that your body kicks into detoxification mode. If you add another 4 hours without giving it more food to digest your body will remove dead and dying cells as well as create new ones.

By giving your body 12 hours without food you’re also allowing the body to use up stored glucose which burns excess body fat. This mini-fast allows your mind to re-focus and improves memory and gives your brain the opportunity to fight off the chemicals produced by stress. This trick also promotes heart health by lowering body temp, blood pressure, heart rate and increases good cholesterol.

I’m always looking for ways to help my body cleanse and rejuvenate so this is a motivator for me. I’m sleeping better, my energy has improved, my digestion is back on track and as a bonus my skinny jeans are more comfortable.

Snacking at night tends to be mindless, sugar and carb based. Bringing awareness to this habits also shines a light on the emotional reasons we eat late night – entertainment, relaxation, fatigue or reward – which need to be addressed.

Experiment and see if it works for you.

Tips on Getting Started:

  • Start with 10 hours, then work up to 12. The worst is going to bed hungry. I ate dinner around 7/7:30PM, go to bed at 10/11PM and eat breakfast around 7:30PM.
  • Aim for 5 nights per week and work toward 7
  • Don’t avoid eating in the morning because you ate late at night. This will mess with your blood sugars, cravings and energy.
  • Instead of watching tv at night, go upstairs and read.
  • Stock up on your favorite teas and make a cup after dinner – Chamomile Lavender and Sweet Rose are my favs.

Important: There will always be resistance when you’re creating new habits. If you fall off, learn from the experience and start fresh tomorrow. No shame or guilt needed.

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