My mom called to tell me she watched Fed Up and was shocked by how many foods contain added sugars. It has Sugar Labelbeen something I’ve been talking to her about for years but sometimes it takes a movie to trigger the light bulb.

Have you seen Fed Up?

Since the FDA announced it’s proposing a new rule that would require manufactures to list the % daily value for added sugars. I wanted to give you the low down on how to be a sugar detective when reading labels since it’s nothing has went into effect yet.

Sugar can affect you mentally, physically and energetically so decreasing it in your diet will brighten your life. 

It’s scary that despite your best efforts to decrease traditional sweets (like cakes, candy and ice cream), you can still end up consuming added sugars in a range of foods: baby food, ketchup, toothpaste, protein bars, granola bars, fruit flavored yogurt, and spaghetti sauce.

Today I’m sharing how begin avoiding added sugars by reading ingredients labels and the hidden words for sugar in your food products. You can outsmart the system with a couple small changes.

Added sugar can increase inflammation in your body and fuel your sugar cravings. The increased inflammation can lead to host of diseases – hypoglycemia, diabetes, joint pain, obesity, cancer and candida.

My mission is to give you the tools to find the best foods for your body and to inspire you to take action.

It can be tricky when reading food labels and ingredients because food manufacturers are sneaky when it comes to disguising how much sugar is in your products.  

They know that sugar is a no-no and try to trick you by listing a variety of different names for sugars like:

Cane juice, Dehydrated cane juice, Cane juice solids, Cane juice crystals, Dextrin, Maltodextrin, Dextran, Barley malt, Beet sugar, Corn syrup, Corn syrup solids, Caramel, Buttered syrup, Carob syrup, Brown sugar, Date sugar, Malt syrup, Diatase, Diatastic malt, Fruit juice, Fruit juice concentrate, Dehydrated fruit juice, Fruit juice crystals, Golden syrup, Turbinado, Sorghum syrup, Refiner’s syrup, Ethyl maltol, Maple syrup, and Yellow sugar.

Become familiar with these words so you can detect sugar in your products.

Also, look for words ending in -ose. When you find words that end in -ose, there’s a good chance it is sugar too. Sugars ending in -ose include: Sucrose, Maltose, Dextrose, Fructose, Glucose, Galactose, Lactose, High fructose corn syrup, Glucose solids.

Now that I schooled you on being a sugar detective here is a list of sugar busting tips to avoid added sugars in your diet.

Sugar Busting Tips:

  1. Read the nutrition label and look for items with sugar not listed in the top 5 ingredients. Remember look for works ending in –ose and the others words for sugar listed above.
  2. Aim for less than 40 grams of sugar per day – 10 grams of those being from added sugars. Look for the grams of sugar of your products. The less the better. I’d rather see you get your grams of sugars from fruit.
  3. Continue to avoid refined sugars in cakes, cookies, ice cream and candy. Experiment my top 5 natural sugars when making baked foods at home.

If you start to decrease sugar in your diet, notice how you feel.  Reduced sugar crazing, stabilized blood sugars, happiness, energy and weight loss.

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