Office Yoga


As you are aware, health benefit costs continue to rise. In the past, employers have tried to lessen these costs by adopting managed care strategies, shifting costs to employees, and reducing benefits.

However, these solutions are no longer effectively controlling costs and are depressing the value of health benefits for employee recruitment and retention.

An alternative strategy to contain costs is to improve the health of employees so that less medical care is required.

Embrace Wellbeing’s mission is to help you create a culture geared toward health. We offer group workshops, contests, health challenges and activities to educate, motivate and empower your employees so they strive to improve their health, choose healthier foods, and take actions toward living a more balanced life which will in turn improve moral and lower health care costs.

Office Yoga 
Office yoga is a great way for employees to unwind, de-stress and counteract the hours they are seated at a desk.

Each 55-minute class will be designed to meet your employee’s needs. Classes can be scheduled at various times throughout the day and may include breathing, meditation and postures.

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