Over the past decade, I’ve reclaimed my connection with my body and earth and it feels peaceful, satisfying, and nourishing. Today I’m going to share how you can do it too.  

The earth is our home.

Your body is the home of your soul.

Just like our bodies, we take from the earth without giving back to replenish their resources. The good news, both are resilient, strong, and wise. When given the chance both heal and can be our teachers. 

Part of fixing my relationship with my body was using the seasons of the earth for guidance on self-care. Each season and their transitions comes with its own energy and wisdom.

One of the wisdoms of Spring Equinox is balance. 



The Spring Equinox, on March 20, was a day of equal day to night and can symbolize our desire to seek greater harmony between our body, mind, soul, work, family, motherhood, and in partnership. Our modern lives can leave our nervous systems fried, frazzled, and dysregulated if we don’t create time to rebalance.

Too often we’re human ‘doings’, not human ‘beings’.

The Spring Equinox invites us to balance between doing and being. Work and rest are equally as important as the inhale is to the exhale.

The energy of spring is fresh, motivational, and expansive. We’re often inspired to start a new house project, have a great idea for your business, or a creative way to solve a problem. You might be inclined to return to your yoga practice, declutter your closet, or explore seasonal eating. 

Enjoy the burst of energy that spring provides while being mindful of taking on too much, too fast. A shadow side of the vibrant energy of spring is overcommitting.

Take action mindfully.

Start small and build for sustainable change. 

Queue the lesson from nature. A flower sprouts slowly and stretches toward the light, and grows until it blooms at the perfect moment. Be the flower and stretch toward the higher, most full version of yourself one step at a time. Plant the seeds, water, weed, and enjoy the beauty of the process.  

When you start to care for the earth and your body the same when you care for your home or child the relationship will change for the better. Start with appreciation and reverence.

What’s one thing you appreciate about the earth and your body? 

What seeds are you planting and watering this season for your body, mind, earth, and heart?