April 3, 2014

I was connected with Jackie through a friend and hired her because of her vast knowledge of nutrition and the ability to integrate it into everyday life. She is great about making eating well affordable and easy. It’s initially intimidating to start cooking with a bunch of foods you previously ignored in the grocery store – or thought they wouldn’t taste good. However, she broke things down into easy and DELICIOUS meals that kept me satisfied. I also LOVE that she is real in your approach and you understand that life is about balance. Eating healthy and nutritious foods is important but sometimes you just need a beer! Life can’t be in extremes either way – it’s about finding a place that allows you to live but also maintain a healthy lifestyle. For the first time in my life, I feel like I am off the roller coaster and found my equilibrium. Since working with Jackie, my body has done a 180 in terms of what I crave and how different foods affect my body. I have more energy, I sleep better and I am even starting to lose weight. Secondly, I have found a more spiritual connection within myself that I never knew existed. My nutrition and the practice of yoga have helped me appreciate the benefits of taking care of myself. Finally, the balance in my life is something I never thought I could find. I still enjoy life but I have found new ways to “treat” myself. I don’t deprive myself but I also don’t binge eat the way I have in the past. I am off the “diet” roller coaster and I am never going back.