May 3, 2014

For as long as I can remember I’ve tried every diet and exercise regimen available with no long term success. I met Jackie at a Detox Workshop in Chicago and her nutrition lecture simplified things for me and I hired her as my coach. I loved working with Jackie because she held her ground when I wanted to give up on a goal. She stuck to her guns and it worked. I also like that she emphasizes what I should be eating instead of what I should not be eating. She made me realize that what I was doing in the past – counting calories, weighing myself every day, fasting – did not work and therefore will not work now. It was like an “ah-ha” moment. Her approach to healthy eating is just so much less restrictive than any other diet plan. Working with her has impacted my life immensely. I’m so much more confident. My clothes fit better. I don’t think about or worry about my weight anymore. I just feel happier since working with Jackie!