Your body is magnificent and when given the chance it wants to heal.

When I was teaching the other night, I mentioned this fact.

It got a chuckle from some but seriously, when you think about how it works hard to process all the junk (food, thought, and drink) we throw it’s way it is quite amazing.

We can numb out it’s signals by dosing up on caffeine, sugar and aspirin but if you start to listen and respond to it’s cries for help, miraculous things happen.

When given the chance the body wants to heal and stay well. 

Today, I am going to share 10 tips that helped heal my hypoglycemia by cutting out caffeine and sugar.

With busy lives and never ending to-do lists, it’s easy to use caffeine and sugar to keep us (falsely) energized. Truth be told, these foods can inhibit your ability to feel vibrant and alive. They also, drown out the important cues your body uses to tell you it needs sleep, relaxation, or a big bowl of green veggies.

Coffee and sugar are acidic, addictive and can put you on a nasty blood sugar roller coaster.  I understand it’s scary to give coffee and sugar up completely but I do want you to consider the role they play in your life.  Are you dependent on them?  Do you use them for energy, relaxation, love, comfort or joy?

By bringing more awareness to the reasons you choose the foods you eat, you will begin to change your choices.

At first thought another cup of coffee or a cookie around 4pm is the perfect pick-me up on a stressful day. However, how do you feel after?  Do you have guilt after eating the cookie?  Do you get a spike in energy then feel lethargic? Does the coffee give you anxiety?

This week, try out these 10 tips to reduce caffeine and sugar and see how you feel.

  1. Start Fresh. Have a glass of water first (maybe even a green smoothie second) then a cup of coffee if you still want it.
  2. Water! Drink water at 8am, 10am, noon, 3, 5, and 7. Hydration is muy importante for glowing skin, detoxification, metabolism and energy.  By staying hydrated you might not need the second cup of Joe or a sweet treat.
  3. Switch to decaf coffee or green tea. If you don’t want to go cold turkey, try doing 1/2 caff one week, decaf the next, then experiment with just green tea.
  4. Get your Zzzzz. Aim for 8 hours if possible. Set an alarm clock at night as a reminder when to go upstairs to read or wind down verse watching tv or surfing Facebook.
  5. Move your body.  This will improve circulation, strengthen your heart, detoxify your organs and make you feel marvelous. Pick an activity you enjoy and try breaking a sweet each day.
  6. Add sweet vegetables. Tame your sweet tooth with increasing sweet vegetables like sweet potatoes, beets, peas, and butternut squash.
  7. Make sure you are eating enough protein. A lack of protein will increase sweet cravings. Beans, nuts, seeds, hemp hearts and vegan protein powders (Amazing Grass is my favorite) are all great vegan options for protein. Add a protein at each meal/snack.
  8. Eat an apple first. If you are craving sugar try eating an apple. If you are hungry this will do.  If it emotions driving your cravings, attend to them because you will continue to crave unless you do.
  9. Switch over the dark chocolate verse milk chocolate. A square of 60-85% cocoa chocolate bars can be just enough to satisfy a chocolate craving.
  10. Try these Raw Fig Cocoa Truffles. These are deficient, easy to make and it the spot.

When you reduce caffeine and sugar in your diet you are helping setting yourself up for blood sugar success. Balance blood sugars equals less cravings, easy weight loss, and peace of mind.

Now I want to hear from you.

Do you struggle with hypoglycemia, or sugar or caffeine cravings? Which one of the tips above are you going to implement this next week? Share in the comments section below.

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With love,