IMG_5465Today  we’re talking skin care products – what ingredients to avoid and what brands to purchase.  

Your skin is the largest organ so it’s important to love it up with toxic free beauty products, including sunscreens. 

Just like the foods you eat, what you put on your skin effects your health too.

The chemicals in our skin care products can effect our hormones, fertility, and long-term health.

Remember the Environmental Working Groups (EWG) Dirty 12 and Clean 15 lists we talked about a couple weeks ago? Well, the EWG has another great resource that uncovers what nasty ingredients are lurking in your daily beauty routine…

The EWG’s Skin Deep Database.

You can download the app or view it online.This database, breaks down products on scale from 1 (low hazard) – 10 (high hazard). It also lists the potential toxic ingredients and how it effects your body.

Wondering what ingredients to avoid and what products to buy? I’ve got your back.

My Top 3 Chemicals to Avoid in Beauty Products

  • Parabens – these chemical substances are used to inhibit bacterial growth in shampoo and cosmetic products but are also linked to disruption of proper endocrine function and cancer.
  • Phthalates – Added to increase the flexibility and softness in plastics in lotion, hair sprays and nail polish, to make them easier to use. But they are associated with breast cancer risk, reproductive birth defects and endocrine problems.
  • Artificial Fragrance – Ever think about what the product would smell like without it added? The pleasant smell is used to mask hazardous chemicals. I’ve switched over to using products with essential oils or fragrance free.

Since I have a sensitivity to soy and gluten I also avoid products with these ingredients. These are just a few chemicals to avoid. Visit the Skin Deep Database to learn more.

What Skin Care Products I Use

I’ve experimented with tons of hippie shampoos, DIY face washes, coconut oil for lotion, and natural deodorants in search for the best, non-toxic products. It’s fun to make your own products but I wanted convenience.

Then thanks for my friend, Katie, I found Beauty Counter. All their products rank 0-2 on the EWG Skin Deep website and are not tested on animals.

And for vanity’s sake, we all want to ward off wrinkles and sunscreen is the best way to keep our skin looking youthful.

Your skin is the largest organ so it’s important to love it up with toxic free beauty products, including sunscreens. Just like the foods you eat, what you put on your skin affects your health too.

Katie used to work for popular skin care line until she had a health scare. She realized what she was putting on her skin was contributing her to the problem. She’s now a Beauty Counter rep and is passionate spreading the word about safe beauty products.

I love BC’s sunscreen, cream cleanser, shampoo and conditioner.

And Katie, is offering a discount through June 23rd. When you buy $50-150 beauty counter sunscreen 3dollars you get a free sunscreen. Check out the Beauty Counter products HERE and contact Katie if you have any questions about the products.

Take Action: Use the Skin Deep Database to evaluate your current beauty products. And please share your findings in the comment section below.