Friday the 13.

This day has gotten a bad rap and it’s actually your lucky day because I’m sharing a new ‘Intentional Living: One Moon at a Time’ worksheet for you so that you can use it to bring your goals to life.

In the Wise Tribe emails community we talked about reflection on what worked and lessons from what didn’t in 2022. Hopefully you celebrated your wins and said good-bye to anything that was keeping you from moving forward. 

Now that you’ve created space, let’s dig into the vibe you want to weave into 2023.

Our lives can be full with kids, partners, house, and work schedules and if left on auto-pilot we forget to factor in what makes us come alive and be well.

I’m on a mission to help women live more intentional lives and teach them how to use their body and its inner guidance system so that we can navigate toward living in alignment with our needs, wants, and desires.

What’s neat is that when we set a goal our body responds with excitement and enthusiasm – almost like we accomplished it already. Out of the gate we take action, inspired and ready for a change. 

My clients express the desire to make more time for themselves and it often starts with taking care of their body or quieting their mind. Biologically when we set a goal our body responds with excitement and enthusiasm – almost like we accomplished the goal already.  

Out of the gate we take action, inspired and ready for a change. 

Then after 4-6 weeks the momentum wanes and the real work begins. You have the opportunity to overcome obstacles and old patterns along the way but it’s hard without accountability and support. You end up feeling bad about yourself for not having enough willpower to follow through and this cycle can repeat.

After working with hundreds of clients for almost two decades, I’ve witnessed 3 important mistakes people make when setting intentions: 

  1. They skip setting short-term goals (and celebrating them) as stepping stones toward your long-term goals.
  2. They resort to “what’s wrong with me” thinking instead of exploring what is working and considering maybe there is a better way of getting to the desired feeling that they hope the goal will provide them. 
  3. The goal is set with our mind, external influences like an ideal body shape or other definitions of success instead of what our heart and soul truly desires to bring to fruition.  

I help clients get out of their head and drop into their body and heart so that their goals align with what lights them up from the inside. When we work together, clients learn how to use their body as a guide for making decisions and choosing the next best step. 

What’s great is that there’s a built-in system to help you bring your goals and dreams to life when you follow the moon cycles. 

Each moon cycle is 29.5 days – similar to a month. There are 13 moon cycles in a year which means 13 opportunities for you to seed intentions with each new moon. You can start fresh or build on the previous cycle each moonth. 

Within each cycle the energy waxes and wanes inviting you to reflect, plan, take action, wrap-up, assess, and rest. It’s genius and mimics the energy of the menstrual cycle phases

Even though I’ve been doing this work for awhile, it was the first full year that I tracked my cycle with every moon cycle while setting an intention at each new moon. 

I’ve tracked my cycle and new moon intentions for years but it always was in my journal. Sometimes they’d get lost in the pages of writing and I wanted a quick reference where I could see my yearly and new moon intentions all in one place but could find it.  

That’s where the ‘INTENTIONAL LIVING: ONE MOON AT AT TIME’ Worksheet was born!  

My words for 2022 were trust and abundance. 

It was a wild year starting with major surgery, losing 90% of my income, COVID, inconsistent childcare AND I made up my income doing work I love in 20 hours per week, I co-hosted my first yoga teacher training, I led my first yoga retreat since the pandemic, I vacationed with Jay and my friends, and felt more aligned and alive than I have in years. 

I’m sharing this because tracking new moon intentions that come from your soul works. Most of my new moon intentions were feeling states or ways of being like space, slow down, trust, and levity. 

I allowed those words to be my vibe and made decisions accordingly. I trusted myself and my mission even when it was challenging and outside of the box. I’m doing me and encouraging you to be you.

I’m excited for you to experiment with tracking your intentions with me this year. I’ll beam into your inbox around each new moon to remind you to set your intentions.

Now it’s your turn to set your words for 2023? What’s your vibe going to be?