Kat Testimonial HBThe beginning of a new year is often paired with resolutions. There’s a buzz around weight loss, healthy eating, getting back into yoga or starting a meditation routine. All of which are right up my alley.


I recently read a Q&A piece with with Tom Brady and Gisele’s personal chef which he discusses their daily diet. It’s not far off from the Happy Body Program’s menu.


These two have amazing bodies. Partly due to genetics but what they’re diet plays a role in keeping them in top notch shape. Of course it’s awesome to look great but when I read what they are eating my first thought was, “they must FEEL amazing!”


Here is the low-down on what they eat and don’t eat:

  • 80% plants. Why? They contain the most nutrients. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber and other health benefits.
  • Brown rice, quinoa, millet and beans.
  • Organic beef, fish and chicken.
  • Banana in the morning smoothie.
  • Coconut and Olive Oil: Coconut oil is a high heat oil that is good for your body and extra virgin olive oil is great for salad dressings and cooking at medium heat.
  • No white sugar, white flour. Void of nutrients and inflammatory.
  • No MSG. This common food additive can cause rapid hormonal fluctuations leading to weight gain and hormonal disturbances. It is also linked to brain cell death. Yikes.
  • No dairy. Can increase allergy symptoms and exacerbates digestive disorders. There is no evidence dairy increases athletic performance or that it is good for your bones or prevents osteoporosis. The animal protein may help cause bone loss!
  • No coffee or caffeine. Acidic, inflammatory and can cause blood sugar fluctuations.
  • No nightshades. Eggplants, peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes. The reason Tom and Gisele don’t eat them is because they are no anti-inflammatory.  I wouldn’t remove these from you diet since they contain vitamins and nutrients that support health.

Having a personal chef would be ideal if you want to follow this diet but let’s be honest we aren’t celebrities.


Eating clean doesn’t have to be restrictive or time consuming. What I want you to focus on is increasing plants in your diet.  Add a green smoothie in the morning, a side salad at lunch and yummy vegetable side with dinner.


Bring awareness of how much sugar, white flour and MSG you are eating. Reduce your intake by cooking at home, eating less processed foods and reading your nutrition labels. Swap white sugar with fruit and experiment with white flour alternatives like buckwheat, brown rice, whole wheat flour and quinoa pasta.


The 14 Day Happy Body Program makes eating 80% plants a breeze. Join us for the LIVE group program starting Jan. 18. You’ll get 14 days of menus, simple recipes and support from me that will have you one step closer to feeling like Gisele.


It can be scary committing to changing your diet. Think of it as an experiment to see how great you can feel. You won’t feel restricted or hungry, I promise. We’ll kick-off with a call on Jan. 15 to review the program guidelines and week 1 menu, so you can cook over the weekend and be ready to start on Monday. For more details and to sign-up go HERE.