One on One Coaching

Are you wanting to break free from poor food and lifestyle habits, to love your body, and to live a life that is balanced and enjoyable?


If so, you’ve come to the right place.

I support women, like you, who are ready for a change. If you feel there HAS TO be a better way of living but you’re stuck in the same cycle of either working too much, leaning on old exercise routines that aren’t working, going on and off diets or are simply overwhelmed with where to start, I can help.

Our work together will include:

Guidance on Food

I’ll answer all your questions about what to eat and what not to eat. We’ll also dig into meal planning and prepping, home-cooking, and the psychological reasons WHY you eat.


You’ll get personalized yoga sequences to strengthen, lengthen and re-energize your body that will also help you get out of your head.


Learn simple mindfulness techniques, experiment with meditation and breathing audio/videos, dig into your habits with journaling exercises and other practices to help you slow down and maximize your time.

Healthy Habits

Willpower doesn’t work. You’ll get effective tips on how to set yourself up for success and to create goals with soul. I’ll hold you accountable as you take powerful steps to creating the life that you want. Instead of feeling like you’re just-getting-by, you’ll feel like you’re in drivers seat, with each day being a new opportunity for greatness.

I’ll be your biggest fan who consistently will remind you that nutritious, nutrient-dense foods, movement, self-care and mindfulness, are the keys that will lead to a balanced, healthy, and happy life.


This application will encourage you to reflect on what’s getting in the way of you living a life filled with happiness, self-care, body confidence, balance and clean, guilt-free eating. After you complete the application I’ll reach out within 3 business days to set up your appointment.