photo (5)Hi Beautiful Friend,

I’m excited to announce I’m be hosting a Maintain Don’t Gain (MDG) Challenge and hope you’ll SIGN UP.

It’s FREE and if you succeed in meeting the challenge you’ll be enter to win a NUTRITION COACHING SESSION ($175 value) with me.

I’ve hosted the MDG Gain Challenge with my corporate clients for the past 3 years and they love it. As you know, even a couple pounds can be annoying to take off the older you get. I used to dread gaining weight during this time of year but after I started the challenge, it’s no longer an issue.

Forget feeling gross, bloated, fat, tired, heavy, or depressed come Jan. 1. You’ll still be able to button your pants and be proud yourself meeting the challenge.

I’ll be coaching you along the way with weekly emails and offering support on Embrace Wellbeing’s Facebook Page.

It is a magical thing when you shift the focus from weight loss to weight maintenance. The desire to binge on cakes, cookies and alcohol reduces because the feeling of being on a diet (aka deprivation) is eliminated.  By committing to the MDG Challenge you’ll be more conscious of your food choices which, consequently will lead to you making healthier decisions.

Are you in? YES, Sign up HERE.

The MDG Challenge Details:

  • Maintain (or lose) weight from Nov. 26- Jan. 9 and you’ll be entered to win a NUTRITION COACHING SESSION with me ($175 value) AND ring in the New Year feeling good about yourself.
  • You’ll also receive weekly emails to help you stay on track (which you can easily unsubscribe to at anytime).
  • Plus, I’ll be answering questions on the Embrace Wellbeing Facebook Page and sharing recipes, tips and inspiration along the way.
  • There will be a final survey for you to complete Jan. 5-9 so I’ll know if you met the challenge.

After you sign up, hop over to the Facebook Page and introduce yourself by sharing your biggest holiday challenge with the group.

The more the merrier and the deadline to SIGN UP is Nov. 26.

Please help spread the word on the challenge by getting your friends and family involved by forwarding them the SIGN UP link.

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