meditation screen shot test 4February is the month people give up their News Year’s resolutions. Are you still holding strong?

This year I’m even more committed to bringing you the best tips, tools and support so you can start living the life in a body of your dreams.

My hope is that you not only feed your body like you love it but you nurture it like you love it as well. 

Because the fact is you only have one body and it’s your lifelong companion to do many great things in life.

For most of my clients, food habits are intertwined with emotions. It’s more than just the food you eat and goes beyond willpower. True, lasting change happens when you rewire your habits, look as food as nourishment vs. another diet, and attend to the emotions that can be causing you to go overboard on comfort foods like junk food, sweets and carbs.

Part of my New Year’s resolution is to build the Embrace Wellbeing Community. Not only the audience and interactions (including videos) but also a group program (coming in soon)!

Here is my special treat for you…a way for you to relax and unwind in less than 10 minutes.

A short, sweet, meditation video. I’ve been getting lots of questions on how to start a mediation practice so I wanted to share what I do daily (sometimes twice a day) to get away racing thoughts and the urgency to always be “doing” something.

It’s a powerful tool that doesn’t take much of your time.

After you watch the video if you like it, please share it with others using the buttons below the video. And let me know how you felt after meditating in the comments section below. 

Thanks for being part of the Embrace Wellbeing Community.


PS: Maya loves to be my meditation partner 😉