In Thanksgiving’s past, we talked about tips for not overeating and feeling bloated.

This year we’re going deeper.

Willpower only goes so far, and I found this to be more effective.

You get to choose what you consume – food, conversations, thoughts, and social media posts.

Choosing is power.

You get to choose how you show up with your loved ones and for yourself.

You’re responsible for the energy you bring into the space or the delicious food you’re eating.


It only takes 5 minutes so you can do it in the morning on Thanksgiving. This way you can return back to your intention anytime you need a reminder throughout the day.

Get the Calm the Crazy Toolkit HERE (it’s free) and try it out.

Here are a few examples of how this works.

If you’re the cook and stressed about timing, the menu, or feel like you’re doing it all yourself – ask for help. Giving is complimented with receiving. By letting others help you, you’re giving them the same good vibes you feel from giving. Assume they WANT to help and receive that gift.

Worrying about overeating? How can you flip this thought? Try “I’m going to enjoy every bite and savor the taste of this meal.” Worrying about overeating is like asking for it to happen. Feeling guilty about what you eat sends releases a rush of stress hormones to your body that compromises your digestion. Trust yourself. Slow down, take your time and enjoy.

Check your expectations. Getting the family together is lovely, but it can come with different perspectives, personalities, and energies. Know your boundaries, kindly opt out of conversations that are triggering and go outside for fresh air when you need a break. Direct your energy toward the people that you know like to have fun, celebrate and laugh. Be that person.

Limit social media and have a real conversation with your loved ones. Social media can bring you down a rabbit hole of comparisonitis. Remember people post the version of themselves they want others to see. Post a picture if you want to share, add a few comments about what you’re thankful for and get off your phone.

Now it’s time to set an intention. What do you want to consume this Thanksgiving?

In the Calm the Crazy Toolkit there is a practice for setting a daily intention.