Happy ThanksgivingHave you seen the Kohl’s commercial where the mom is slaving in the kitchen solo and her son comes in and asks if she needs help?

The first time I saw it was while running on the treadmill and streaming Jane the Virgin on the CW app. You know when you watch tv on your ipad you see the same commercial over and over, well, this is the one I watched 10 times (no fast forward option) and it inspired today’s blog.

Jason and I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time a couple years ago and it’s no small ordeal. Getting the house together for guests, bringing in the food, timing the thanksgiving meal and the cleanup. It made me appreciate my mom for all the years she cooked a fabulous thanksgiving feast and Jay’s mom for hosting this year.

I LOVE hosting and cooking for others but the experience is richer and more enjoyable when there are helping hands and smiling faces.

Here are my recommendations for cooks and guests to make the day full of love, community, relaxation and joy.

Tips for guests

  • Ask the cook how you can help – set the table, clear the table, or offer to bring a side dish. Not all cooks will be open to you helping but at least ask.
  • Vegans, vegetarians, or gluten free folks, bring your own side dish or tofurkey and invite others to try so you can impress them with your culinary skills
  • Get the cook a drink – water, wine or cocktail. For me, this makes me feel loved, appreciated and taken care of while I cook.
  • Help them clean up! Cooking all and then having to clean up is the WORST. When everyone pitches together clean up is easy.

Tips for the cooks

  • MOST IMPORTANT: Take minute before you eat to go to the bathroom, splash water on your face, and take a couple breaths. Calm down and get present before you eat. This only asks a few minutes but makes a world of difference. I started this a few years back and it takes away the rushed feeling so you can just enjoy.
  • Ask your guests to bring an appetizer, side dish, or a bottle of wine.
  • Recruit someone to set the table, take drink orders or to help with anything else you need
  • Don’t think you have to do it alone. Your guests want you to have a good time too. If you don’t allow them to help (but secretly wish they would) it’s on you if you’re stressed. Asking for help might something new for you. Try it out.
  • Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect. Spending time together, laughing and savor a good meal is what it’s all about. At the end of the day if you burn the buns, your guests won’t be going home hungry.

One of the best holidays I ever had was when my brother and I decided to go with the flow. To be the positive light in the room. The energy is infectious. Lead with love and watch what happens.

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Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving. HERE’s the link to the commercial;)