NEW MOON new beginningsThe universe’s energy has your back this week if you’re looking to start fresh for two reasons:

1) Tuesday was the summer solstice – the first day of summer!

The energy of summer is vibrant, light, fun and curious. You might feel ready to take on a new project, be more adventurous, learn something new, or be inspired to start healthier habits.

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2) Today is a new moon, the beginning of a lunar cycle. It’s a perfect time to reflect on past goals and what you’d like to achieve this month. The energy around the new moon is reflective, intuitive, and restful. Give yourself permission to chill today.

When I teach, I like to have my students start in child’s pose and remind them how nice it is to stop before you begin. This pause gives you the opportunity to connect with your breath; it helps you become present which creates the space for you to set an intention for what you hope to bring into your life (physically, energetically, and emotionally). 

And that’s what I want you to do today.

  1. Carve out and hour to get quiet, do some yoga and reflect.
  2. HERE is a 45- minute, Hip and Heart Yoga flow to release any tension in the body.
  3. After class, sit and set your intentions for the month.
  4. Write them down. Post them on your bathroom mirror so that it’s top of mind each morning.

Reflect on what do I want to achieve this month? And how do I want to feel?

Keep it to one area of your life – health, well-being, relationship, career, travel, home environment, wardrobe, creativity, fun, cooking, movement – so you don’t get overwhelmed. Each category has the potential to shift the others.

I’d love to hear your intentions for the month. Connect with me on Facebook and share.