Power of Moderation

Do you fall into the ‘all or nothing’ mentality when it comes to habit change?

You swear you’re going to…

…go to yoga class 3 times per week…

…start reading more…

…meal plan…

…stop drinking two glass of wine per night…

…wake up at 5:30 am…

…de-clutter your closet.

You set goals with the best intentions of following through, BUT when you slip up, you give up. And not only do you give up, you go down a shame cycle of not having enough willpower or discipline. Then the cycle repeats.

Time for something different. Moderation.

Being too hard on yourself doesn’t produce lasting results. Counter-intuitive but true. You have plenty of evidence of this.

Choosing too many goals, expecting yourself to change overnight, or never to slip up is setting yourself up for failure.

For the past seven months, I’ve been in a mentorship program with Elizabeth Dialto, exploring topics like life design, boundaries, pleasure, self-sabotaging behavior, thinking outside the box, balancing masculine and feminine energies and awareness. I choose to work with Elizabeth after doing her Wild Soul Movement program (which was amazing – and open for enrollment until August 4) because she embodied how I wanted to live my life. The mentorship is extraordinary, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with you.

In the program’s private Facebook group, one of the ladies posted the chain reaction that happened when she implemented moderation that might inspire you to do the same.

Check it out. 

“Have been thinking a lot about moderation and how I can incorporate more of it into my life. I’m an avid reader but want to spend whole days reading, so I wasn’t reading due to lack of time.

But since I’ve instituted a habit of reading just 20 short minutes each day, I’ve read more books in the last year than I did the previous four put together.

So what does that look like?

I could go to yoga once a week for now until time permits me to go as often as I want and at least I’ll be going once and not never.

I could pick one really nice bottle of wine each week or month and have a single glass each night while I make dinner instead of two glasses of something cheap that I only mildly like.

I could bring in my housekeeper only once a month instead of every week or never to help with the stuff I just can’t get to.

I could make one trip down to my beach each week and then go from there rather than expecting myself to be down there every single day, which is overwhelming, so I don’t go at all.

ETA: I could buy the expensive Ethiopian coffee I adore and just drink one cup/day instead of half a pot of coffee I only mildly like.

I may add to this list as I think of others way I can move towards my goals in increments instead of expecting all or nothing from myself because I’ve got this down in some ways, but obviously not in others.”

I LOVE this! She emphasized bite-sized versions of larger desires and witnessed it working with the book example.

Now, your turn!

  1. Choose just ONE thing you want to shift.
  2. Brainstorm how you can be more moderate or bite-sized in your approach and take action.
  3. Share what you decide in our private Embrace Wellbeing Community page. Not connect yet? Ask to join, it’s free.