Dream Come True BlogHave you ever had a dream come true?

My dream of hosting Full Moon Circle came to fruition last Friday. It was a treat to have 15 women come together to celebrate the vibrant energy of the full moon, and we explored a way to overcome what is causing them to feel tired and stressed.

Since it was a hit, I’m planning on hosting another one soon so stay tuned.

You might wonder why I’ve been jamming about the moon lately and how it can help you.

For those of you not into the woo (totally fine BTW), think of the moon as a goal setting and self-awareness tool. Each month you can set an intention and use the moon cycle to check in to help bring that dream to life.

On the call, I shared my moonly intention was RECEPTIVITY.

To be honest, I was confused about what this word meant for a long time. One of my yoga teachers closes class with “be receptive to your inner self.”

What exactly does that even mean?!

I got curious and learned the benefits of being receptive in more ways than one.

The first step is to pause. Take a few deep breaths a couple of times a day and ask what do I want? How do I want to feel? You can pick a word, a feeling or a goal.

The path to being more receptive to your inner self is trusting you know what’s best for you.

When you allow yourself to pause and get quiet, you might hear a little whisper. This whisper is the wise voice of your soul. It might take practice so be pleasantly persistent and open.

The way to be receptive is to start listening to that voice. Your gut. Your intuition.

This concept might seem utterly foreign to you, and that’s okay. All I’m asking you to do is be curious and experiment.

How will your stress, energy or happiness change if you listen to that voice more often?

I’m giving you permission to test it out.

It might tell you to take a bath, ask for help, say ‘no,’ go out without make-up, get off Facebook, to call a friend, or close the laptop and go outside.

Possibly scary at first so start small.

I’d love to hear what your whisper invited you to lean in too and help support you as you dip your toe into this new way of thinking.

Leave a comment and let me know (I dare you – wink)