We are close to the unofficial start of the holiday season, Halloween.

In today’s video, you get advice on how to bring what you want to your life. This is for those of you who promise this will be the time you follow through. Damn willpower.

It could be a goal to eat more vegetables, do yoga 3 times per week, start meditating, talk kinder to yourself, clean your house, grow your business, go on a bucket list vacation, get rid of your debt, play more, or send your holiday cards.

What makes your heart go YES, that is what I want. Not what you think you SHOULD do.

If it’s a should it will be a lot harder to make it happen since your heart isn’t in it. Shoulds are external programming of what we think we need to feel happy, free, healthy or calm.

Okay, what do you want?

Now simplify it into steps. What is one little thing you can do today to move in that direction?

I can’t wait to hear. Please share on with me and the community in the facebook group or email me to let me know.

As always I’m here to support you.