Burnt Out to Glowing

Your Personalized Plan to Having More Energy, Happiness and Balance

Are you tired from running around with your hair on fire and hate that life got so busy?

Somewhere you lost that fun, creative and vibrant person you used to be before your days were filled with a never-ending to-do list. You get glimpses of your light-hearted self on vacation or after yoga and you want her back.

You’re exhausted because you can’t shut off the nagging voice in your head saying if you just push a bit harder and check a few more things off your list, you’ll finally be able to relax.

The stress of keeping up with cooking, cleaning, work, exercising, eating healthy, caring for the kids, being a good partner, a supportive friend and building your side business have you feeling defeated. No matter how much you do, you still think you should more.

You feel anxious and confused because you’re smart but you second guess yourself on everyday things like, how you handled a disagreement with a friend, should you go yoga or skip it so that you can tackle a few other chores, or was the present you gave your kids teacher enough?

Instagram and Facebook make you feel worse so you take a break from social media and binge on self-help podcasts but still haven’t found a way to stop feeling so overwhelmed and tired.


You know there is a way to feel like a normal person again and just need to find it.


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Coffee fuels your day and wine or chocolate is your reward at night.
  • You’re stuck in a fog of busyness but never feel like you accomplish anything or get to enjoy your life.
  • You’re frustrated that your life on paper looks ideal but your heart wants more.
  • You hate not feeling in control but no matter how hard you try you still struggle to keep it together.

 You are ready for a change and want someone to help you find your way. 

Hi! I’m Jackie.

I work with ambitious women who are exhausted and overwhelmed by the stress of their busy lives. 

If you’re sick of pushing though your days and trying to figure it out on your own this program is for you.

You’ll learn exactly what to stop and start doing to break the cycle of go-go-go till you drop while reconnecting with yourself so that you can feel happier, balanced and have more energy. 

As a result of Burnout to Glowing you’ll:

  • Have a plan with the exact steps to take to bring more balance and ease to your days.
  • Learn how to get out of a cycle of busyness, overwhelm, fatigue and stress so that you can feel more clear, light, and productive.
  • Break-free from feeling like your drowning in your to-do list and replace it with ‘I’ve got this.”
  • Figure out where you got off course so it doesn’t happen again.

Your Burnt Out to Glowing Package

Striking the Match Prep Work

Before we meet you’ll fill out a Striking the Match questionnaire that will help you explore what’s not working for you and what you really want out of life. This paints a picture of where you’re headed so we can get clear on the exact steps you need to take.

Lighting the Candle Call

During your 75-minute call, we’ll dive into your ‘Striking the Match’ prep work and workshop what’s not working for you, why it’s not working, and what you can start doing today to turn it around. Then you’ll carve out a plan to move closer to the life you want to be living and problem solve what’s holding you back from going for it. You’ll walk away with how you’re going to take action over the next two weeks.

Keep the Flame Glowing

Two weeks later, we’ll reconnect for 30-minutes to celebrate your progress toward living the life YOU want. We’ll chat about any questions that came up along the way.

Your life is yours and it’s time to get back in the drivers seat. 

I can help you find more energy, happiness and balance faster and easier than reading self-help books and listening to podcasts.

Investment: $149

Ready to get started? 

Excellent! Here’s what to do next. 

  • Click the ‘SIGN ME UP!’ button above and follow the prompts to schedule your first session and to make payment. 
  • After you schedule your session and make payment, you’ll receive an email from me with a link to take your ‘Striking the Match’ prep work and additional instructions.
  • Then we’ll hold your session and get you started on creating your best life.

Have questions? I’d be happy to answer them. Email me, jackie@jackiedominas.com.

Here’s how Sarah went from Burnt Out To Glowing

“I had worked with Jackie in past and had always learned a great deal and had a positive experience. My biggest learning was how to balance my energy. I’m a doer by nature, so I’m used to getting things done, and I’ll push myself even when my body is screaming for me to take a break. Jackie taught me how to balance pushing with receiving—or even slowing down. At first, I was nervous that anything other than driving to the finish meant floating or no progress. I learned a blueprint can get you to the goal. But an open mind and heart may take you somewhere even better. Jackie is so receptive to whatever I bring up, and I know that I can share freely without judgment or labels and she’ll meet me where I am. Jackie genuinely wants to see her clients succeed and she’s able to balance that with letting them have their own experience, rather than prescribing a one-size-fits-all program.” – Sarah | Chicago IL