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STop obsessing about food
and start living 

It's possible.

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Do you want your body to look and feel the way you think it should but despite your best efforts it doesn’t? 

You hate it, and are afraid elastic waist pants are your destiny since they’re the only thing that’s comfortable.  If only you could sort out your issues with food and with your body, you could be happy

So you go on diets, lots and lots of diets – Weight Watchers, vegan, paleo, Beachbody, raw, gluten-free – in search for the magic solution that’s going to be life changing. The fact is, you know what to eat but your other commitments and responsibilities take priority and you lose the willpower to stick with it, yet again.

You’re too stressed and exhausted after another crazy day to do anything but curl up with a bowl of ice cream and catch up on Game of Thrones. But this leaves you feeling guilty, sluggish and bloated in the morning.

 If only you could escape to one of those yoga retreats where they feed you delicious, healthy food and there were no commitments other than getting on your mat and reading Eat, Pray, Love by the ocean.

Imagine what your life would be like if…

...You never had to go on a restrictive diet, count a calorie or do another workout that you dreaded ever again. And instead you spent your time and energy doing things you loved.

…You felt free to live a healthy lifestyle AND be social and enjoy a glass of wine with delicious food too.

…You had balance around food and exercise that gave you a sense of calm and ease in your life.

…You felt happy about they way you look – confident in your birthday suit and your skinny jeans. 

If you’ve always had a love/hate relationship with food and want to overcome your struggle, so you can finally have a body and life you love, I can help.

I totally get your struggle because I’m been there. After over a decade of searching and experimenting for the solution to my food, body, exercise and life troubles,

I found what works and want to share it with you.

Introducting the Stop Obsessing About Food and Start Living Package 

During this 2 session package you’ll:

Discover the secret to having more willpower that will keep you from overeating.

Know exactly what you need to stop doing and what to start doing differently, so you can stop wasting time and energy on diets that don’t work.

Learn why having a glass of wine or a cookie is key to your success.

Have a realistic, specific plan that you can stick to that will help you lose the weight that’s weighing you down.

Feel confident you’re on the right path to stop obsessing about food so you can just freaking LIVE YOUR LIFE.

All this can be yours when you join me to Stop Obsessing about Food and Start Living. This Package includes:

Life’s Desires Exercise
This eye-opening exercise will help you evaluate your relationship with your body, life, stress, food and exercise. Expect to have a few ah-ha moments as you gain clarity on where you currently are on your journey to a happy, healthy, more vibrant you.

Stop Obsessing, Start Living Session
During our 75-minute phone, we’ll use your Life’s Desires worksheet to uncover the most important steps for you to start getting the body and life of your dreams. At the end of the session you’ll feel inspired and ready to take action towards overcoming your battle with food and your body.

Two Week Check-in
After two weeks we’ll connect for 30-minutes for you to ask questions and celebrate your wins. I’ll help you navigate any obstacles regarding the steps we created so that you can confidently move forward to ending your love/hate relationship with food and living life to it’s fullest. It’s time to take back your power over food! You CAN do it. With the right guidance and personalized steps, you can finally start winning the battle with food and your body so that you can truly enjoy life.



Excellent - I'd love to help you reach your wildest dreams in 2017.


1. Click the sign up button below where you'll be prompted to schedule your Stop Obsessing, Start Living Session and to make payment.

2. You’ll receive the link to complete the Life Desire’s Exercise in the confirmation message and via email.  (If you don't recieve an email check your junk mail and if it's still missing  email me,

3. During your session, we’ll create the exact steps you’ll start taking to overcome your struggle with food and your body for good so you can finally start living a deeply satisifying life.

4. Next you’ll receive a follow-up email to schedule your Two Week,Check-in Session along with your personalized action steps.

Want to make sure it's the right fit for you? No problem, I'd be happy to answer your  questions. Email me, 

Stop Obsessing About Food and Start  Package 


Welcome! I'm so glad you're here. For the past 10 years, I've helped women overcome their struggle with food and their body so that they can finallly lose the weight that's weighing them down phyically, mentally and emotionally. It's time for you to take power back over your life and to truely nourish yourself inside and out.  

Emotional Eating + Lifestyle Coach + Yoga Teacher