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Hello! I’m Jackie Dominas.

You’re here because you’re ambitious, a doer and have a big heart. Despite your best efforts, there’s an endless to-do list that you’re never getting done: balancing a business/career, motherhood, relationships, happiness, and health. You’re stuck in a cycle that’s leaving you exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed.

There is a little voice in your head whispering ‘there is a better way.’ You wonder if it’s right. Is there another way that you don’t know about that’s simple, timeless and more fulfilling?  

Yes, there is.

For most of my life, I was searching for a way to fix myself, but I found out I wasn’t the problem, it was my approach to adulthood that was keeping me stuck. I’ve overcome PCOS, adrenal fatigue, body issues, overworking and infertility by learning, practicing and embodying a new way of being that is more energizing, satisfying and soulful.

I understand what’s it’s like to think you need to fix yourself but listen up – you are not the problem.

I’ve spent 15 years working in wellness helping women navigate the busy-ness of life while making peace with their bodies, calming their minds, and creating time for what’s close to their hearts.

As a woman, you have built-in, intuitive wisdom inside of you waiting to be reclaimed. Through my Burnt Out to Glowing and Wise Woman programs, you can learn to work with your body, womanhood, emotions, and desires to create your best life.


Jenny Shih

“I hired Jackie to coach clients in my Make It Work Online program, and I’m so glad I did! She pairs her big heart with spot-on business guidance to help clients bust through mindset blocks, take the right action steps, and stretch themselves to create the success they want most.

“Jackie ensures her clients feel both heard and cared for, even when she’s challenging them, and it shows in the results clients get and in how motivated they are to keep going after their dreams no matter what.”

Uncompromising Business Coach and Owner at

Sarah, Chicago, Illinois

“I had worked with Jackie in past and had always learned a great deal and had a positive experience. My biggest learning was how to balance my energy. I’m a doer by nature, so I’m used to getting things done, and I’ll push myself even when my body is screaming for me to take a break. Jackie taught me how to balance pushing with receiving—or even slowing down. At first, I was nervous that anything other than driving to the finish meant floating or no progress. I learned a blueprint can get you to the goal. But an open mind and heart may take you somewhere even better. Jackie is so receptive to whatever I bring up, and I know that I can share freely without judgment or labels and she’ll meet me where I am. Jackie genuinely wants to see her clients succeed and she’s able to balance that with letting them have their own experience, rather than prescribing a one-size-fits-all program.”

Kristen, Cleveland, Ohio

I’m a young/working/mom and wife who’s daily schedule is constantly in flux and Jackie provided a plan that was flexible, yet formative enough for even me to be successful. She gave me small, but effective changes I can make to work toward living my best life. By learning to be conscious of the cyclical changes driven by my womanhood and the moon, I could adapt my daily routine and what I expected out of myself. I gave myself grace, and no longer feel like a failure for not sticking to a rigid schedule and routine. This was mind-blowing for me and has been transformative in how I live my life and what I expect of myself day-to-day, week-to-week. I have a deeper self-awareness, stronger self-acceptance and clarity around the life I want to lead. Jackie is a perfect fit for the over-scheduled woman who is looking for a long-term path to healthier living. Someone who needs a ‘framework’ to live by…not a rigid plan. Someone who gets easily discouraged by their personal failures and in turn finds it easier to focus their efforts on others instead of bettering themselves.

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